Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Do I need to send a photo?

When people call to make an appointment with me, I give them a list of what they will need to do before we talk. I let them know I need to be able to write down the full name, birth date, and city and state location of anyone they wish to ask about. I also request that they take the time to sit down and make up a list of questions before they call and put those in order from what ever is most important to whatever is least important to them at the time.

Many people ask, "Do I need to send you a photo of the person I'm asking about?"

My honest answer is that if it's easy to do so, yes please, DO send the photo. The more recent the better and the less people in the photo the better.

But, you might ask, "You're clairvoyant, why do you need a photo? Can't you see the person anyway?"

Well the answer is two fold. No, I can not always immediately see the person like you might in a photograph. I have done it, and often the dozens of images about things surrounding an individual does include a description or visual image of them...but many times I am looking at everything else about that person and not so concerned with their appearance.

But secondly, you know the phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words?" Well, for a clairvoyant, a picture is often the trigger that brings dozens if not hundreds of additional images. The photo acts as a leaping off place for me to quickly and easily retrieve information. It's a springboard to many, many more details about that many details that often come simultaneously that I have to take a moment to sort them all out.

So, for those who ask, should I send a photo to you....yes please! It will help me access more information in a quick and efficient fashion for you!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Just say NO to mandatory H1N1 vaccinations!

This information came to me in an email forwarded from my friend Carolyn Walker who is part of the Prevention and Healing Clinic in Urbandale, IA. I concur whole heartedly with her on the idea of NO MANDATORY VACCINATIONS! Please read, it's important! - Su

H1N1 Flu Vaccine Facts:

Make an informed choice for the health and safety of you and your family.

* As there is NOT adequate time to test these risky vaccines, Drug Companies successfully lobbied Congress to pass the PREP Act, granting them immunity from all legal and financial liabilities for vaccine related injuries and deaths.

* Drug Companies provide false and misleading information to the CDC and State Health Departments. This [mis]information is then used by the State Governors and Legislators to make policy decisions. In 1976, they declared, “The virus will kill 1 million Americans”. It didn’t! But hundreds were permanently injured and dozens died from the vaccine!

* Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius stated the H1N1 vaccines will contain mercury, a potent neurotoxin. The World Health Organization is now recommending that pregnant women and children receive multiple vaccinations, while manufacturers’ inserts recommend against mercury-containing vaccines for pregnant women.

* Squalene has been purchased for use as an adjuvant (additive) in some of these vaccines. Squalene is implicated in severe autoimmune disorders and Gulf War Syndrome.

* MedImmune’s Nasal Spray “mist” vaccine contains live virus that pose the serious risk of both infecting the recipient AND spreading the virus to others. Imagine the hazard this creates at the Shopping Mart on “Spray Day”!

* The Federal Government has appropriated more than $ 8.5 billion of YOUR money on this massive and dangerous experiment. Multiple studies published in highly reputable publications have documented that flu shots are ineffective in all age groups!

It is frightening to think that the State Governors will mandate us to submit to this unproven vaccine. Yet, this is a very real possibility. “A decision will be made soon as to whether or not every American should be vaccinated against this H1N1 Virus this fall. I included sufficient funds…to purchase that vaccine if public health experts deem it necessary to do so.” - Sen. Tom Harkin, Aug. 27, 2009. Ask Senator Harkin why the billions of dollars for the Drug Industry?

A letter has been delivered to Iowa Governor Chet Culver requesting formation of a Citizens’ Pandemic Flu Advisory and Advocacy Group for communication with the State Government. Further, the request has been made to Governor Culver that he NOT force these experimental and uninsurable vaccines upon Iowans. Please ask Governor Culver and your State Legislator to support the Advocacy Group.

Action Steps:

Forward this email to the Governor and your State and Federal Legislators. The “Iowa Citizens H1N1 Letter to Governor Culver” is at this site ( ), along with contact links to your Legislators.

Forward this e-mail to all your local officials, county supervisors, city council, school board and superintendent, doctors, nurses, teachers – and all your friends and relatives. CALL them! Tell them: NO MANDATORY VACCINES!

Preparing for the Fall Equinox

09-22-2009 at 16:18 CDT

That's the exact date and time of this year's fall Equinox. So what's the big deal, why is it so important?

Several things both astrological and astronomical happen. First, the length of daylight and length of night time are exactly equal, 12 hours of each. Since the beginning of spring (the Spring Equinox) we've been enjoying days that are longer than nights. The length of hours of sunlight grows a bit each day until we reach the longest day of the year at the Summer Solstice in June. From then until the Fall Equinox, the days slowly, little by little, shorten. After September 22 this year, the days will continued to be shorter than the nights with our longest night occuring on the Winter Solstice in December.

The Fall Equinox is also known as the second harvest festival, harvest home or Mabon. There are three harvest fests, the first being the beginning of August which is also known as Lammas or the Green Corn Harvest Festival. Here in Iowa, I would prefer to call it the Sweet Corn Harvest Festival and this year's corn was especially sweet (I've already frozen many quart bags to enjoy this winter! For all your folks in other parts of the country, you have my sympathy in eating the regular old canned or frozen corn you buy at the store...there is NO comparison!)

The fall festival, because of days and nights being equal, is also a time to prepare to get things back into balance again, readying for the long winter.

How do I do that specifically? First, I make sure that the pantry and freezers are stocked for winter with all my favorite goodies from the wonders of summer here in Iowa...sweet corn, raspberries, good Iowa beef, and catfish I caught myself are among all the things that I make sure I have stored away.
This is a photo of me a after one particularly decent fall catch I got in about a 3 hour period of time from Beaver Lake just north of Dexter, Iowa.

Secondly, I check to make sure my family has the clothing it needs to prepare for the oncoming cooling in Fall and deep cold of Winter. The heavier wool winter blankets get put back on the beds. Hats and scarves, winter coats and boots all come back out of storage. Mismatched gloves and mittens are accounted for and warm wool socks need to have their mates. Above are some of the baby socks I've been knitting this week for my granddaughter Inara. She's going to be a year old in December.

Emotionally and spiritually, it's the time where I look back on the past nine and a half months to see if there's anything I wanted to accomplish this year that didn't get done. Now's the time to make sure that I wrap up this year in a good way. I go through my mental list of hopes and dreams for this year and see what still hasn't been finished, and look to see what's truly important to still fit in before winter hits.

I also sit back and evaluate my pace of life right about now. Am I rushing things, or lagging way behind. Am I in physical balance health wise and what needs to change or shift? Do I need to simplify more things to be able put my emphasis on myself, friends and family in a gentler way? Am I working too hard, or not as efficiently as I should? What am I doing to keep my own personal balance going each day or each week. How will that shift as fall begins the slow but steady trod toward the cold chill of winter.

So, now is the time of evaluation and seeking balance for me, planning and appreciating everything that I've been given, shown or taught this past year and determining how I want to draw 2009 to a wonderful and balanced close.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Cell Phones and Honey Bees

Few people know a lot about my personal background (which is wide and varied to say the least) but once upon a time, I used to keep bees. I enjoyed very much learning to care for the hives, harvest honey and bees wax and enjoyed the connection with these amazing little wonders of nature.

I ran across an article about bees that gave me a big psychic "uh-oh!" instantly this morning. Sometimes that happens when I scan headlines and check out little bits of news from around the world. This one happened to come from Korea, but the problem is a universal concerning the huge boom of cell phone tower building.

It had to do with the work of an environmentalist, Dr. Sainudeen Pattazhy and his study of bees and beehives. Basically, the report says that mobile phone towers are posing a threat to the honey bee population with the electromagnetic radiation they utilize. The threat is to worker bees who go out to collect nectar from flowers near the towers. Pattazhy noticed that the honey bee population and pollination in areas around the towers was being affected. This puzzled him and he went on to do further research. He placed a cell phone near a beehive (turned on but not in active use.) The entire colony collapsed within 5-10 days because the worker bees failed to return to their home, leaving only the queens, eggs and hive bound immature bees to fend for themselves and thus starve.

While many studies have been done on the language of the "dance of bees" in instructing them how to get from hive to flowers, I don't know if we as human beings totally understand the nature of what guides bees back to their hives. Something here bears quick investigation. With no bees, we have to crops that are pollinated by them. Less pollination ultimately means less food with which to feed everyone.

Does this mean that if you have your cell phone on your person you'll be less bothered by bees? Hmmm, dunno the answer to that one, but it also seems to be worth someones study.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Psychic Sensing of Upcoming Changes

Every once and a while, when you're ready to make a big change in your life, turn a new corner so to speak, it's nice to do something on the outside that helps mirror or remind you of what you are changing on the inside.

This year, with very little fanfare, I turned 50. I had originally wanted to have a BIG party, but instead just gathered with my kids for dinner and had a bit of cake with other friends who had May birthdays.

But, more than just hitting the five decade mark, I have known and felt on the wind other internal changes coming, emotionally, creatively, physically and psychically. Something was building up and about ready to break the surface. I wasn't sure exactly what, but I knew something was about to shift.

In anticipation of this nameless, shapeless, approaching apparition of personal change, in mid July, I looked in the mirror and realized it was time to radically change my outward self to start the process of getting ready for the inner upcoming event(s).

So, after growing out my hair past my shoulders, (the wonderful long deep red stuff with the wild blond streak) I looked at the emerging gray and made a command decision. It was time to cut the red all off and let the silver feathers strut their stuff.

I went to see one of my long time trusted stylists, told her what I was looking for and let her cut it really short (and cute!) When she was done, just a smidge of the old red tipped some of the top while the silver and grey shone elsewhere. I took one look in the mirror and realized I was the spitting image of my aunt Irlavere from Ontario, Canada. I haven't found anyone to take a photo yet of the new do, but will asap.

That was the beginning. Since then, I've been to the doctor, begun taking my vitamins in earnest again, made a promise to myself to consume a LOT more water, and am determined to lose 45 pounds before the end of the year, picking up more exercise a little each day.

Now, that's the physical part....the psychic part that's sense is that comes after the physical is half way done or so. I'm not sure what's going to show up, but we'll find out soon enough. Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Remote Viewing Music

A friend of mine called yesterday and when I asked what he was up to, he replied he was on his way to the bookstore to try to find some kind of music suitable for remote viewing to. He asked if I had any suggestions, and my first response was to tell him to find something that didn't have words, and that helped drop him into an alpha state quickly. After I got off the phone with him, I had to stop and think about what I do when I remote view and what sounds or music drops me down into that state.

After pondering a bit, my first reaction was to say....well, listening to nature does that for me. That's why I go fishing in the evenings. I get a chance to have Mom Nature dim the lights, I watch the reflection of the sky in the lake's mirror surface, and I listen to the repetitive sounds of cicadas, crickets, and bull frogs.

What...what else has worked really well for me in the past to put me into that deeply receptive alpha state. The best cd's I've found come from I met Kelly Howell, the founder of Brain Sync on a cruise back in the mid 90s and was very, very impressed with her research and how quickly and effectively her hemisphonic recordings put me into a deep alpha/theta state. In particular I recommend one called Deep Meditation and another named Deep Insight.

So, if you're looking for music to do excellent psychic work and remote viewing by (and you don't have a beautiful warm summer's evening handy to sit by the lake and give ear to the bull frogs) check out Great products that really work well, at very reasonable prices.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Performing at upcoming Farmstasia

October 31st, my palmist friend, Corianne Westvold and I will be heading to the Des Moines area to entertain everyone at Living History Farm's Farmstasia fundraising event. From 6 to 9 pm, we will set up shop inside the old brick Flynn Mansion and help make it a night of fun and spooky merrymaking as we raise money to help support Living History Farms.

I love doing psychic work at events like this and can't wait to meet everyone and see the farms decked out for Halloween. I'm hoping they set us up in a real old fashioned parlor to work in! What a treat!

Now, to think of a good psychic "period" costume! What would they have worn at the turn of the century into the classic 1890 seance parlors? Something long and black I think. Hmmmm!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Swine Flu Vacinations linked to Nerve Disease

As a psychic and medical intuitive, honestly, I'd been waiting for the scary news about severe and life threatening reactions to the swine flu vaccine to pop up for about 2 weeks.

When I read this week that the Health Protection Agency in the United Kingdom alerted over 600 neurologists there about a deadly reaction to the swine flu vaccine, I was not surprised! The HPA warned neurologists that a disease called Guillian-Barre Syndrome (GBS) seemed to be triggered by administration of the injection.

GBS attacks the protective sheath that covers the nerves. It begins with weakness, often in the extremities about three weeks after exposure and spreads, causing paralysis and inability to breathe, and can be fatal.

Just a couple of weeks prior, our own public health system was encouraging parents to have all infants and children get the swine flu vaccination! As a medical intuitive, I had an immediate negative reaction to that recommendation, and my body instantly shuddered in fear as I read. I recall scanning the article over my morning coffee. Suddenly I put the cup down on my desk with a thunk, and vehemently said out loud, "No...NO!" I remember thinking that the vaccine could and would have terrible consequences for infants and small children and affect many for the rest of their lives. It was so pronounced a premonition that I copied and pasted the article to my daughter who has an 8 month old and encouraged her to NOT get the shot for my grandbaby.

For those who are do not know, the signs and symptoms of Guillain-Barre syndrome may include:

* Prickling, "pins and needles" sensations in your fingers, toes or both
* Weakness or tingling sensations in your legs that spread to your upper body
* Unsteady walking or inability to walk
* Difficulty with eye movement, facial movement, speaking, chewing or swallowing
* Severe pain in your lower back
* Difficulty with bladder control or intestinal functions
* Very slow heart rate or low blood pressure
* Difficulty breathing

Most people with Guillain-Barre syndrome experience their most significant weakness within three weeks after symptoms begin. In some cases, signs and symptoms may progress very rapidly with complete paralysis of legs, arms and breathing muscles over the course of a few hours.

Can you imagine being the mother or father of an infant and seeing these symptoms develop in your infant or small child, who can't tell you what's going on?! The thought would terrify any parent!

I'm not a physician. I can't tell you to get the vaccination or not get it...but I DO want folks to do their reading and research before hand so that they know exactly what they are getting into!

What I am saying is that this particular psychic has a very bad feeling about the swine flu vaccine, and the worse is yet to come.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Herb Gathering in Iowa

I spent a considerable amount of time from mid June to mid July gathering herbs in Iowa's rural ditches for winter. Armed with trusty shovel (for gathering roots), a pair of pruning shears (for those stubborn thicker stems) and half a dozen large black trash bags, I set out either alone or with a friend to treasure hunt for things that were on my list. What grows wild here? More useful things than you might imagine. Below are three of the herbs that I gathered.

Purple coneflower or Echinacea is an easy one to spot as it looks like a pink droopy daisy. I dig up the roots and use them as an immune system booster and a natural antibiotic.

White sage is another simple looks from a distance as you come up upon it like grey grass. My Lakota friends use this herb all year long in sweat lodges and Yuwipi ceremonies.

Compass plant looks like a number of yellow daisies all hugging a single stalk, each facing the same direction. The root of this native weed is HUGE, oftentimes bigger around than an adult thigh, and takes a lot of digging just to get a good chunk. (Sometimes I'm tempted to bring an axe to help harvest this one.) I cut up and dry the root in finger sized pieces and when I have a headache, I take a lighter to burn a bit of the end of the dried root to inhale the smoke before going to lay down for half and hour. For me it works at about the same speed as asprin.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sacred Quilt Sewing

I can honestly say, I don't think I've ever made so many quilts in one year in my entire life. This has been (and probably will continue to be) one of the most fun, and most poignant sacred sewing things that I do on a regular basis.

The quilts I create are often called Lone Star Quilts, Lakota Quilts, or Star of Bethlehem quilts. It's a pattern with a single eight pointed star in the middle. To date, I think I've made about a dozen quilts, like this. The first one was created in 2006 for a friend of mine who was going on a traditional Lakota Vision Quest. I honestly had no idea what I was doing and made a number of mistakes, but learned a great deal about how to applique and about how to make sure that the center star lays rights.

This was the first quilt I did with all hand dyed fabric.

Most of the quilts have been created either solo by me, or with the help of my friend Tra. We've become quite a designing and sewing team. The red and yellow on the blue back ground below has the image of an elk in the center of the star. It was a gift to my friend Standing Elk in South Dakota.

Each quilt we design, we spend more than a little time praying about what should be on the quilt, the colors, and any additional images. Either Tra or I make a colored drawing of the final outcome as a sort of template, but allow changes or additions to come during the construction process as needed.

Above is one of two baby sized quilts that I've created. This one was given to my grandbaby Inara shortly after she was born in December.

The funny thing is, I don't own a single star quilt that I've made. Every one has been given away to someone as a gift, as an offering, or for a healing or ceremonial purpose.

The star quilt above is especially sacred. It's called The Healing Quilt. It was created from the flags that hung in the Sun Dance tree from 2008's ceremony here in Iowa. When someone comes to our local Yuwipi Man, Lester, and asks for help in healing, he will give them this quilt to use until they no longer need it. When they are done, it's laundered and given back to Lester to await the next person who needs help.

For me, the design and sewing process helps keep that creative side of me happy and flowing.

One of these days I'm going to make a quilt for me. :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Painting sacred buffalo skulls for ceremony

Ya know, when your title is professional psychic, there's never any end to the variety of people you meet, or the places it leads you, or to the unusual things you get to do. This week was one of those weeks that had me doing creative stuff I would have never dreamed I would do 20 years ago!

Sun Dance is fast approaching and Tra and I have been working together, not on quilts this time, but instead on the last little prep things for the arena. Specifically, this week, we've been painting buffalo skulls.

Each of the four gates in the Sun Dance arbor/arena area faces the compass points of north, south, east and west. Each gate or opening is blessed with a sacred buffalo skull sitting at that entryway. The skulls are often painted with the colors associated with that direction and it's spirit nations. We also had extra skulls for use during the Sun Dance ceremony itself, and all these skulls needed first to be sealed, the primered, then painted, and then some had extra detailing added.

I arrived this week to having Lester, Tra and Jon all sitting in front of skulls on a table in Jon's garage and when I walked up, everyone looked at me expectantly. "Good, you're just in time," Lester said.

"In time for what?" I queried.

"Can you paint lightening? We want this skull to honor the Wakiyan nation, the lightning and thunder beings."

"Sure," I responded, if you have a photo or a picture you would like me to put on it.

They were all way ahead of me. Lester chose his favorite lightning photo graph and I went to work. Before this month, I had never even considered painting buffalo skulls as even a remote possibility of anything I would do this lifetime...but if it can help with doing anything to support their traditional ceremonies, I'm willing to role up my sleeves and dive into just about anything.

The basecoat had already been done and was dry when I arrived. Photo in hand, I found the most delicate paint brush I could, and took both pure white and violet acrylic paint and set to work following Lester's instruction as to where he wanted the lightning to run. This is what I came up with:

I think it turned out alright for my first ever lightning buffalo skull.

Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Prevent Swine Flu

Dear Loved Ones,

If you haven't kept up with the news, the world has changed in the past four days. Swine flu is being taken as a serious and deadly pandemic threat as I write this. It has spread half way round the globe in less than a week, If you scan the headlines, you'll see that every head of state in the world is concerned and taking preventative measures today, Monday, April 27th.

This is not just a threat in Mexico where it began. The flu is on our doorstep, as cases have been reported in Kansas, Texas and California at least as of this writing. There will NOT be enough vaccine for everyone, and what vaccine does exist will be earmarked for health care professionals, the elderly, and others with special circumstances.

So, what can you do personally in terms of prevention? Well, there are a number of proactive steps you can take starting today!

* First, because this is an airborne virus, locations where many folks congregate will be prime places to pick it up...schools, airports, large office buildings, churches, etc. You may wish to consider whether or not to keep a bandana, silk scarf, or medical mask with you as you go into buildings where the air may be carrying the virus.
* Second, consciously wash your hands more often and a little more vigorously. How long is long enough to wash hands? The Mayo Clinic recommends you wash long enough to sing Row Row Row Your Boat all the way through in your head.
* Third, keep yourself well hydrated and well rested. You would be surprised what a huge help just plain water and good sleep can do to aid the body. Strive for half a gallon to a gallon of water (tea, coffee, juice, broth, etc) per day, and 7-8 hours of sleep.
* Fourth, make sure the humidity in your home is adequate. Dry air negatively affects the sinus membranes and spreads the virus more quickly. Adequate water vapor in the air has a higher chance of capturing the airborne pathogen and having gravity carry it to the floor. Keep your home as clean and sanitary as you can by wiping doorknobs, counter tops and other surfaces with antibacterial cleaners such as Lysol.
* Fifth, I suggest that everyone consider boosting their immune systems immediately!!! I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose or prescribe for anybody. However, I can tell you what I personally do for myself and my own family. To take my immune system to the highest level I can get it with vitamins and supplements I take the following:
- A complete multivitamin with iron and minerals
- Zinc lozenges - I take one 15 mg lozenge every 4 hours until I reach the maximum dose of 100 mg per day.
- 500 mg of vitamin C every 3-4 hours
- L-Lysine, one capsule daily (don't take L-lysine for more than 6 months straight without a break.)
- Olive leaf extract, 1000 mg per day as a preventative (Special note: if flu symptoms are present, I change the dosage to 1500 mg every six hours like clockwork, even if I have to set my alarm and get up in the middle of the night to take a dose.)
- Echinacea - 2 capsules per day or two to four cups of tea per day.

If you have trouble finding olive leaf extra and echinacea where you are living, try contacting the wholesale Ameriherb company in Ames, IA (800-267-6141.) These things may run off the grocery store shelves quickly in the next several days but I suspect you may be able to get it from them and have it shipped to you.

You can track the swine flu spread in real time using google maps. Just go to the main google map page and search for swine flu.

May you stay healthy, happy and strong!



Thursday, April 02, 2009

Solar Storm Premonitions

On a regular daily basis, I keep track of all kinds of interesting activity both here on earth, and any thing interesting outside of our little blue marble as well. I monitor geomagnetic phenomena, earthquakes, auroras, asteroids, and all kinds of cool things.

Today, while looking at the site, I had a sudden psychic "Uh-oh!" moment. Sitting here, sipping coffee, trying to wake up and plan out the day, I saw a graph of the current lack of solar activity and had a strong and sudden flash that nearly made me spill my cup.

It wasn't that the graph told me that we were in a period of high is the unprecedented lack of solar activity that suddenly woke me up. Currently we're in a time period that's called a solar minimum...translate little if any sunspot activity. That's usually a good thing as solar flares that get released in the general direction of earth can cause everything from beautiful auroras to loss of satellite communication to major power outages.

But right now, the severe lack of sunspots is record setting. The experts at NASA are calling it a "deep solar minimum." That may sound really nice unless you miss the auroras. However, my psychic concern is that when the sunspot activity begins to increase again you will see an over compensation on the sun's part for the lull we are in now.

This is the quiet before the STORMS!

And I do mean storms! A series of solar flares is coming starting between March 12-30th of 2012, some of which will hit Earth, some of which will not. One in particular will bring the beauty of auroras as far south as Austin, TX and will knock out many satellites, severely affect the internet infrastructure, and much of the electrical power grid in Europe and the North and South American regions.

The whole impact of the 2012-2013 storms hit me so hard this morning that my instinct was to immediately, right now, today, consider saving money to purchase a generator so my house could have power...or start installing wind and solar power equipment, or both.

It was a pretty big psychic whomp that came hard, fast and out of the blue. I've never, ever been a person to say the world will end in 2012...not once in all my years of doing this work. However, I AM saying we are in for one hell of a series of electrical storms that may affect anything and everything electronic in many first world countries. Look there ANYTHING you do that doesn't involve electricity every few minutes?

We have 35 months to prepare.

This is one of those bolts out of the blue that I'm going to take seriously.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The year starts with ghosts!

My son David (14) and I were at a friends house here in Iowa just a day or so after New Years. I was having fun chatting with the parents while David was in the basement playing tag in the dark room with the other teens. It was honestly very close to midnight (I know that sounds cliche, but it's true) when one of the other teens opened up a closet door. "This is always kinda a creepy closet...take a picture, maybe something is in there!" she joked.

David had his camera with him and snapped a flash photo in the dark. The result is the color photo at the top of this blog. You be the judge. What do YOU see?