Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Prevent Swine Flu

Dear Loved Ones,

If you haven't kept up with the news, the world has changed in the past four days. Swine flu is being taken as a serious and deadly pandemic threat as I write this. It has spread half way round the globe in less than a week, If you scan the headlines, you'll see that every head of state in the world is concerned and taking preventative measures today, Monday, April 27th.

This is not just a threat in Mexico where it began. The flu is on our doorstep, as cases have been reported in Kansas, Texas and California at least as of this writing. There will NOT be enough vaccine for everyone, and what vaccine does exist will be earmarked for health care professionals, the elderly, and others with special circumstances.

So, what can you do personally in terms of prevention? Well, there are a number of proactive steps you can take starting today!

* First, because this is an airborne virus, locations where many folks congregate will be prime places to pick it up...schools, airports, large office buildings, churches, etc. You may wish to consider whether or not to keep a bandana, silk scarf, or medical mask with you as you go into buildings where the air may be carrying the virus.
* Second, consciously wash your hands more often and a little more vigorously. How long is long enough to wash hands? The Mayo Clinic recommends you wash long enough to sing Row Row Row Your Boat all the way through in your head.
* Third, keep yourself well hydrated and well rested. You would be surprised what a huge help just plain water and good sleep can do to aid the body. Strive for half a gallon to a gallon of water (tea, coffee, juice, broth, etc) per day, and 7-8 hours of sleep.
* Fourth, make sure the humidity in your home is adequate. Dry air negatively affects the sinus membranes and spreads the virus more quickly. Adequate water vapor in the air has a higher chance of capturing the airborne pathogen and having gravity carry it to the floor. Keep your home as clean and sanitary as you can by wiping doorknobs, counter tops and other surfaces with antibacterial cleaners such as Lysol.
* Fifth, I suggest that everyone consider boosting their immune systems immediately!!! I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose or prescribe for anybody. However, I can tell you what I personally do for myself and my own family. To take my immune system to the highest level I can get it with vitamins and supplements I take the following:
- A complete multivitamin with iron and minerals
- Zinc lozenges - I take one 15 mg lozenge every 4 hours until I reach the maximum dose of 100 mg per day.
- 500 mg of vitamin C every 3-4 hours
- L-Lysine, one capsule daily (don't take L-lysine for more than 6 months straight without a break.)
- Olive leaf extract, 1000 mg per day as a preventative (Special note: if flu symptoms are present, I change the dosage to 1500 mg every six hours like clockwork, even if I have to set my alarm and get up in the middle of the night to take a dose.)
- Echinacea - 2 capsules per day or two to four cups of tea per day.

If you have trouble finding olive leaf extra and echinacea where you are living, try contacting the wholesale Ameriherb company in Ames, IA (800-267-6141.) These things may run off the grocery store shelves quickly in the next several days but I suspect you may be able to get it from them and have it shipped to you.

You can track the swine flu spread in real time using google maps. Just go to the main google map page and search for swine flu.

May you stay healthy, happy and strong!



Thursday, April 02, 2009

Solar Storm Premonitions

On a regular daily basis, I keep track of all kinds of interesting activity both here on earth, and any thing interesting outside of our little blue marble as well. I monitor geomagnetic phenomena, earthquakes, auroras, asteroids, and all kinds of cool things.

Today, while looking at the site, I had a sudden psychic "Uh-oh!" moment. Sitting here, sipping coffee, trying to wake up and plan out the day, I saw a graph of the current lack of solar activity and had a strong and sudden flash that nearly made me spill my cup.

It wasn't that the graph told me that we were in a period of high is the unprecedented lack of solar activity that suddenly woke me up. Currently we're in a time period that's called a solar minimum...translate little if any sunspot activity. That's usually a good thing as solar flares that get released in the general direction of earth can cause everything from beautiful auroras to loss of satellite communication to major power outages.

But right now, the severe lack of sunspots is record setting. The experts at NASA are calling it a "deep solar minimum." That may sound really nice unless you miss the auroras. However, my psychic concern is that when the sunspot activity begins to increase again you will see an over compensation on the sun's part for the lull we are in now.

This is the quiet before the STORMS!

And I do mean storms! A series of solar flares is coming starting between March 12-30th of 2012, some of which will hit Earth, some of which will not. One in particular will bring the beauty of auroras as far south as Austin, TX and will knock out many satellites, severely affect the internet infrastructure, and much of the electrical power grid in Europe and the North and South American regions.

The whole impact of the 2012-2013 storms hit me so hard this morning that my instinct was to immediately, right now, today, consider saving money to purchase a generator so my house could have power...or start installing wind and solar power equipment, or both.

It was a pretty big psychic whomp that came hard, fast and out of the blue. I've never, ever been a person to say the world will end in 2012...not once in all my years of doing this work. However, I AM saying we are in for one hell of a series of electrical storms that may affect anything and everything electronic in many first world countries. Look there ANYTHING you do that doesn't involve electricity every few minutes?

We have 35 months to prepare.

This is one of those bolts out of the blue that I'm going to take seriously.