Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back from Uniquest

It was a fabulous weekend in the SE Nebraska area at Platte River State Park. In July, the organizers of Uniquest (from the Henry Foundation in Omaha) asked if I could come give a presentation on Medical Intuition and what it's like to be a medical intuitive.

I brought a dry erase board and showed the group of close to 40 people just how I go about sketching a person and looking at them medically given only their name, birth date, and city and state location. One brave young woman, whom I had never met, acted as a volunteer and consented to have me describe her inside and out in front of the group.

I told the Uniquest bunch about how my sources provide me with names, details, images, and often tongue in cheek or punny information as they give me the scoop on the clients I ask about. It seems as if the "panel of experts" (my psychic sources) seems to change with each person I meet and read for. One gal from the Uniquest group asked if this was so because the guides of the folks I read for provide information to my own guides. Sort of like "I'll have my people talk to your people. Stick around, we'll do lunch together." I suppose that's entirely possible.

Another woman asked about present life emotional and physical problems coming from a past life source. While I can't disagree that it's possible, in my own experience, too many well meaning metaphysically minded individuals are too quick to write off their current predicaments and dis-ease (mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically) to a past life coming forward to this lifetime. It's too easy an answer, too pat in my book to automatically reach for that as an explanation. Could it be....sure. Do I find it often? Almost never.

Sunday, after finishing the last of the personal mini readings, we packed up and headed back for Iowa. The Omaha Mystic Fest is the last weekend of September and I'll be heading back Nebraska way for that. Looking forward to seeing some now familiar faces there.