Sunday, March 23, 2008

Do You Doubt Your Psychic Abilities?

For many people, listening to their intuitive or psychic side at first feels a little backwards and even silly. Sometimes they become embarrassed and filled with doubt. It doesn't always make logical left brain sense and sometimes we never understand exactly what it is we pick up or why. When we first encounter a new phenomena, we often doubt our's so different, so far outside of the realm of our day to day experience that what we're not sure that what we perceived was real.

The skeptics of the world often poo-poo the right brain input because it's illogical, not easily repeatable and not under their scientific control. It often is outside of their own realm of personal experience and I constantly hear that if it's hasn't been experienced by them personally, well then......

But are unusual first time perceptions invalid because they are different, unique or not repeatable and happen just to you and you alone? Let me give you an be the judge.

Pretend you are out in the woods and you hear a lovely little bird song that is so different and so distinct that you stop, cock your head to one side, and immediately begin scanning the area around you trying to locate the source of the melody. You stand in that same spot, hoping to have the call repeated, but alas, the bird has flitted off to parts unknown and the call is not to be heard again. You never visually spot the source and you hear it only once, but it absolutely caught your attention. It was so clear that you yourself could whistle the little unique tune even years later.

Did you really hear the bird? You didn't see it! It happened only once. Did it really exist?

You're pretty sure that you heard what you heard. Your sense of hearing accurately picked up the bird's lilting call. But BECAUSE IT WASN'T SEEN WITH THE EYES, many people discount the accuracy of their other senses.

If you relayed this story to a skeptic, would they be inclined to believe you? Well, the subject is a simple little bird and the average skeptic could probably accept that you just plain don't recognize all the bird calls that are in existence and/or that it's entirely possible the foliage of the forest obscured your ability to spot the bird. Chances are the skeptic would shrug and not think much of it.

But what if you were in the woods and heard a female voice clearly say your full name out loud, but you couldn't see the speaker with your eyes. You scan the area, and no one is there. You hear it only once and, like the little bird, the source seemed to vanish. The voice was so distinct, so clear that you could pick the speaker out of a crowd, even years later.

What then? Would you believe what you heard? Would the skeptic? You have no proof! You have only your personal experience.

It's a paranormal disembodied voice for goodness sake....your left logical brain begins to reel, to question your senses. After all you didn't see anything! It makes no logical sense! Even if you tried going back to the same spot in the forest day after day, you may never hear that particular bird call (or voice) again.

You decide to keep the experience to yourself...who would believe you anyway!? They would probably think you were a little wacko and had a bit of a weirdo. Only nut jobs talk about hearing things like this or admitting they have these kinds of things happen to them, right?

Even if they don't talk about it, for many people this first time metaphysical experience prompts all kinds questions. Who or what was the voice? Why did they hear it? Why that day, that place, that time? What does it mean? Why won't it come back? Why didn't the source allow you to see it? Was it an angel, a relative, a ghost, something from another dimension?

Sometimes we are left with questions that have no answers.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Down time

Well, the cold and flu virus hit really hard yesterday afternoon into early evening, so I decided to get really proactive with it and fight back. Here's how this medical intuitive boosts her own immune system when she gets sick and what traditionally has worked to get me better faster. My own personal formula just for me when I get hit with something is this:

Vitamin C - I take a 500 mg time release capsule about every 3-4 hours.
Olive Leaf Extract as directed on the bottle
L-Lysine as directed on the bottle
Multi-vitamin with iron and minerals
Zinc lozenges if I have them...I will suck on one every 4 hours or so making sure I don't get more than 100 mg in any one day from all my sources.

Depending on how tight my chest has gotten, I often will drink some kind of breathe easier tea blend that I find at my local grocery or health food store. I sometimes alternate that with a green tea for the antioxidants.

I also spend all day with a silk scarf wrapped around my throat to keep it warmer and hopefully out of a bacteria's comfort zone temperature wise. I also keep sipping on various hot beverages throughout the day for that same reason. This usually amounts to lots of broth, tea, and hot water. I make the broth myself and use lots of onions and garlic as they tend to be good immune system boosters and as stuffed up as I am, it's something I can actually taste.

When my sinuses are plugged, I start the day with a really hot bath or shower and make sure I breath in lots of steam. It's not unusual to head into the bathroom and continue 20 minute steam treatments standing in the shower every three or four hours. Also, if I have a bottle of sterile saline (Ocean or Ayr) around, I'll clean out my sinuses several times a day to help make breathing easier.

For me, I like the good tissue with lotion in it because when I get sick I tend to drip, blow and sneeze more than most folks. It's part of spending a few more pennies to pamper myself when the crud hit's me. I rest a LOT. I honestly try to only do the few things I really need to and spend lots of time on the couch sitting upright to help with the drainage.

So, here I sit and type....scarf around my throat, silk robe still on from this morning, pajamas and hand knit wool socks on, slippers at my feet and a nice warm blanket tucked up as high as it will go. As I wipe yet another drip from my nose, I think I'll head into the kitchen soon for another cup of broth.

I plan on being better by Monday and better yet by Tuesday....that's my proactive take charge of my own health kind of thinking.

I think I might head to bed early this evening as well.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Psychic training

I recently was interviewed by a reporter from Parade Magazine. She asked me about my day-to-day life as a professional psychic and medical intuitive. It's always interesting to me about what folks are curious about. She wanted to know if a person could take psychokinesis training classes, or telekinesis training. I told her that there are several seminars or paranormal classes available across the country, where people could increase their psychic skills. The Internet and Google tend to be your best friends in this type of a search. Type in what you're looking for, and start surfing the Web!

When it comes to energy projection or abilities with telekinesis, I've never met anyone quite like my friend Andre, who passed through my life three years ago. I've chronicled my experiences with the amazing abilities of this spiritual guru on my website.

I've also been fielding a lot of questions about the economy lately. My advice? Hold on.. we're going for a ride. I see a continued decrease or deflation in the real estate sector, which will end up with higher foreclosure rates. The chickens from the sub-prime mortgage loans are coming home to roost.