Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I love to teach just about anything along the psychic skill development line. It's a really FUN thing to see students connect with their own abilities that go beyond five senses. I've had several calls this month asking when the next classes will be held, and at least one call to be a keynote speaker at a conference.

I have some favorite courses that I've developed over the years. Here are my top five:

1) Improving Intuition Intensive -- an all day course designed to give you just about everything you need to take your intuitive abilities from reactive to proactive. When are you most intuitive, how does information come to you, how can you improve your current skill set. We run everyone in the class through their paces letting them have a go at clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, remote viewing, and even deep trace work. This is a beginner to intermediate course.

2) Whisperings from the Mother -- a 2 hour outdoor seminar designed to help you greatly expand your current receptivity and begin to truly understand the messages that come to us from nature. In this course, we boost your own antennae and help you learn to listen to and comprehend the messages coming on the wind, from the trees, and from all of nature itself. This is an intermediate to advanced course.

3) Deep Trance Oracle Work -- a 2 hour seminar based on an old Buddhist exercise that moves students from regular everyday waking state to deep trance state in under 10 minutes. We take you down to what I refer to as a "being of light" state, where your own consciousness is so connected that you literally become an oracle. This is an intermediate to advanced course.

4) Psychic Hide and Seek -- a 2 hour seminar which can be taught indoors or out, depending on the size of the group and the available area. The first half of the course we talking about "pinging," or finding another person when you want or need to psychically. We also discuss "cloaking," or how to not be spotted when you don't want to be seen. The second half, you are assigned a person to go find and turned loose to practice and see if you can hide AND seek psychically at the same time! This is an intermediate to advanced course.

5) Emergency Mojo 911 -- Two or more 3 hour seminars that provide intermediate and advanced students of energy projection with techniques to draw power through them in a stronger, more potent way than they've every done before. In the first 3 hours we begin by sitting, then standing, and finally moving forward and backward maintaining a connection with a greater and greater concentration of energy. Students then learn to mold and shape this energy as well as infuse it with various properties. In the second 3 hours, the goal is to take that energy and be able to toss it at another person in a strong enough way that the partner can describe it's properties. Finally, students attempt to draw up and throw enough energy to be able to force their opponents to move, sit in a chair or stay rooted to a specific location.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The passing of Alex

I received a sad e-mail today. Alex, the African Grey parrot and companion of my friend Irene Pepperberg passed away. (See http://www.alexfoundation.org.)

I've had fascinating discussions with Irene about the multi-sensory abilities and psychic abilities of animals and their apparent ability to communicate over long distances. In our talks, it seemed as if Alex was often very aware of how other human beings and parrots that he personally knew were doing.

While I do not know if Irene ever pursued scientific research in this area, I do know that her observations of Alex and Alex's comments about other people and birds at long distance locations was often right on the money.

Was Alex a psychic bird? Are all birds, or other two and four footed animals talented in the multi-sensory or psi arena? What we observed about Alex, his ability to communicate directly with Irene his thoughts and feelings was uncanny and in a word, marvelous!

I would love to see more research done on psychic ability and our non-human friends.

Until then, my heart and prayers go out to Alex and to Irene Pepperberg. Alex was an amazing individual and will be sorely missed.

Friday, September 07, 2007

UFO Impromptu Poll

Ever seen a UFO? When, where, how far away, describe the incident.

Ever had an encounter with someone or something that you just weren't sure if it was from this planet/time period/dimension or not? Describe what you encountered, where were you, were you alone....what happened?

Do you feel in any way that the above incidents affected your intuitive/psychic abilities? How so?

Did you have any other physical/emotional/spiritual ongoing effects from the above encounters?

All in all, would you describe your reaction as positive/negative or neutral to what happened to you.

Would love to see your responses!



Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Some days are better than others

Today was a good day, although long and hard. I began the day looking at a missing person's case that turned into a murder investigation in Georgia. It was a day when specific names came easily in more than one reading. I like it like that!

Fox 17 TV in Des Moines called today. They wanted to interview me about a separate missing person case here in Iowa that I'll be working on with a couple of dozen other searchers in Woodburn, Iowa on Saturday, September 15th. If you would like to come and join the search, let me know. The terrain is VERY difficult and if you have trouble walking, I don't recommend it.

Investigative cases can range from pretty simple ("Su, I can't find my car keys/wallet/concert tickets! Where are they?!") to pretty awful (missing children who turn out to be victims of a pedophile.) I like the simple ones, but it's the harder ones that are honestly the most important.

The wonderful folks at Court TV's Psychic Detective show have asked if I can give them any other cases to film. We'll see what this case on September 15th turns up. I sure hope we can find the missing gentleman....it's been three years since his disappearance and we need to find closure for this family!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Psychic Feedback

It's always really wonderful and VERY helpful when clients call or write back to provide me with feedback about my accuracy as a clairvoyant or a medical intuitive. Just like any other profession, when your job description is "psychic" you can improve faster and increase accuracy with input from those you work for or with.

This is why I encourage my students to keep a journal from the very beginning of their psychic journeying. If you make notes of perceptions that come to you from beyond five senses, later when (if) the feedback comes your way, you can look back and check the accuracy of your work.

Folks often ask me about accuracy in this kind of work. Honestly, it's really hard to measure or gauge....kind of like grading an essay test. Do most folks give me really high marks...yes. I tell my clients up front that I just won't ever be 100% accurate. I don't know anyone who can make that claim in any profession. However, I do believe that if you find a clairvoyant or medical intuitive or psychic that gives you a strong, consistent 80% plus accuracy for details most of the time, then stick with that individual, you've found someone who has a decent handle on their own skills.

So, keep the feedback coming....to me, to yourself if you are working on honing your own skills. Practice with as much feedback as you can get makes for a more skilled psychic!