Saturday, November 25, 2006

Non-Standard Psychic Divination Techniques

Oreomancy: Tasty Fortunetelling

Sometime, just for fun, I step away from the traditional serious professional psychic and medical intuitive work and teach something that touches on metaphysical history as well as letting my students have fun. Several years ago, I was holding a workshop to a group of gals on traditional tea leaf reading. it was then that I also introduced them to other fun food divination tools. While I taught this manner of fortune telling or psychic divination tongue in cheek (or perhaps cookie in cheek) it was extremely gratifying to find that using Oreo cookies as a useful and accurate divinatory tool really worked.

Oreomancy is quite simple. Hand a cookie to the Questioner and have them hold it between their palms, focusing on the issue. After a moment or two, they twist the Oreo quickly clockwise to separate the top part of the cookie from the bottom. Beginning with the cookie in Questioner's left hand, the Oreomancer takes this chocolate wafer and reads first the past and or present. The cookie in the right hand of the Questioner pertains to the future.

Easy interpretation tip...just remember, the Oreo "Stuff in the Middle" is the stuff of life! To help you get started with the details, here are some classic Oreomancy interpretations after the twist has been completed:

All the Stuff is on the left cookie -- You're at a point in your life where you're leaving a great deal of stuff behind and starting with a clean slate (cookie) for your future.

All the Stuff is on the right cookie -- You have a lot of stuff to look forward to! There is a full future ahead, with lots of yummy abundance.

S shaped Stuff line -- Super Stuff! You have super things in your past or future (depending on left or right wafer.)

Ripped or jagged stuff line -- Take care of your stuff better! Your pushing and tearing things, going to fast in life and need to slow down and treat you and your stuff with more TLC.

Stuff dripping over the cookie's edge -- the stuff of life is spilling out all over. Time to declutter and get everything back where it belongs.

Smooshed and flattened Stuff -- You're forcing life too hard and trying to push to much to get things to fit life the way you want. Take is easy with your stuff! Be more gentle with how you treat the stuff of life!

Stuff flew out and landed on the ground -- Things are falling between the cracks and you aren't revering life or treating your stuff as precious. Warning, this can lead to you and your stuff of life getting seriously stepped on.

Stuff forms the profile of a face -- You have someone leaving or coming in to your life (depending on whether the face is on the past/present or the future wafer.)

I think you get the idea. Next time you enjoy a package or Oreo cookies, don't forget to try a little Oreomancy and savor the Stuff of Life!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Remembering Dreams and Dream Programming

I've been asked several times lately on how to remember dreams better and what dream programming is. To help everyone, I thought I would copy some of my class notes onto my blog so folks can work on remembering and guiding their dreams at home.

It's important to place your dream journal right next to your bed with the page you want to write on open and the pen ready. You need to be able to reach this and write in it during the night without having to get up or turn the light on.

To train yourself to remember your dreams better takes several nights (this can be more than a week) of telling yourself affirmations before you go to bed. These affirmations would be statements like: "I'm going to clearly remember my dreams. Remembering my dreams is important to me. I will awake at the end of the dream long enough to remember and write down my dream. I will fall back into a deep sleep easily afterwards."

In a nutshell, dream programming is purposefully posing a question to be answered in your dreams or asking to dream about a particular subject.

One hour before you go to sleep, relax your body physically. Take a hot bath, practice stretching or gentle yoga, get a massage, have anything that will satisfy your physical senses.

Next, climb into bed and review the day's events slowly in sequence. Do this as impersonally as a reporter watching your day unfold and describing it in an emotionally neutral tone. The sequence is important.

Determine what area you want to direct your subconscious attention to or what question you need the answer to while sleeping. Then, lights out. Keep the issue in your head as along as you can without expending too much energy. Other thoughts will intrude. Allow them to float gently aside. Keep your mind on your objective without hanging on to it too tightly or becoming rigid. You may want to mumble or say aloud what you want to dream about just before you drift off.

Programming brings about varied results. Sometimes the solution to your problems will appear the very night you request help. Other times it may take a few days and nights. Sometimes you will remember the whole dream and sometimes just the solution.

Practice, practice, practice! It takes a little while to get the hang of this, but the benefits are enormous!