Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Intuitive vs. Psychic

Lots of folks ask the difference, if there is one, between being intuitive and being psychic.

I guess I've created my own distinction here. I consider intuition as reactive, and psychic skill as proactive. Let me see if I can explain in more detail.

If we're talking about a multi-sensory awareness that you are born with, that just happens to you randomly, that you react to but it's not under your control, that's what I call intuitive. An example would be if a Jane Smith is home doing the dishes and suddenly realizes in the middle of scrubbing the last pot that her elementary schooler has just fallen down on the playground, skinned both knees and is in the nurse's office about ready to call her on the phone. While technically this would be classified as a detailed "sudden knowing" experience, because it's not under Jane's control, I would consider Jane highly intuitive.

If Jane Smith had been doing the dishes and purposefully, standing there with sudsy hands, actively been checking on family members using her clairvoyant remote viewing ability, then I would term Jane psychic. She consciously wanted information and pro-actively used her multi-sensory abilities to reach out and purposefully bring back the information she needed.

Can you be born either intuitive or psychic....technically, according to the above definition, sure you can. Just depends on if you have a handle on your skills or not and consciously know that your ability is under your own control.

Do I as a professional psychic have intuitive moments throughout the day. Of course! It's often the intuitive flashes that prompt me to pro-actively use my psychic skills to gather more detail. For me the two go hand in hand and I'm very glad for both!