Friday, January 29, 2010

Psychic Scam Artists

I just got off the phone with a really nice gal from the Birmingham, Alabama area and am still shaking my head. Yet another new client called me, wanting to know my prices because she had been approached by a different "spiritual adviser" who quoted her some pretty out of this world rates.

Ms. Birmingham wanted to make sure she understood what I charged because a "psychic adviser" (who shall remain forever nameless) she and her sister had gone to see in their area told her in December that the two of them had old baggage hanging on from their childhood and immediately needed a $3000 spiritual cleansing! When the gal I spoke with on the phone balked at the price, the "adviser" asked if wasn't there some way she could take out a loan for the money? The "adviser" claimed that it was critical she receive the cleansing.

I suspect the only critical thing in this situation was the "adviser's" need for fast cash!

$3000! Holy smokes! $3000 for what, past family issues and baggage? Honestly I don't know anyone who doesn't have at least SOME baggage or hurt or frustration or "stuff" leftover from their growing up. If you honestly believe you need to pay $3000 for such a cleansing...I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn you can buy as well...and I'll give you a really good deal on it too! Sheesh!

I explained to my caller that I would much rather teach her the simple techniques and ways that she can work within her own background, culture, faith and spiritual belief system to cleanse herself. She was surprised this was even possible. Of course it is! There are lots and lots of things that one can do to move forward beyond where we got stuck as kids, or even where our families got stuck emotionally, or physically or spiritually.

Time to spell out again how to spot a scam artist! All of the following examples are absolutely true, real stories my clients here in Iowa and around the country have relayed to me over the years.

Here's the top ten list of things to watch for in a metaphysical scammer:

1) If the individual is not advertising with their full, real name (first and last!) If they sport a title to make themselves appear more important, like Madam Mucky-Muck or Sister Soandso, Reverend Star Sun Moon, or even Mrs. Common Last Name.

2) If they can't quote you definite prices, keep changing or raising their rates, or have really high prices for their readings or anything else you might purchase from their business. Often the first reading is cheap...$10-20, and it keeps going up from there once the scam artist realizes the fears you have and how they can play it up to get more money from you.

3) If they make promises that no human can possibly make such as, "I promise I'll get your ex to come back to you!" One lovely little college gal who I know had her basketball star boyfriend dump her, and she paid the scammer more than $3000 over a six month period of time because she was promised that he would be coming back to her.

4) If they play on your fears..."You have negativity around you and for $ (anywhere from $100 to $10,000) I'll remove it." By the way, negativity can be substituted for dark energy, a spell, something evil that's attached to you, a curse that's been put on you, or just plain ole stuff in your aura. It can also be played up as, "Unless you do this thing that I tell you, you will lose your.... (farm, house, job, spouse, sig. other, etc.)" I talked to a farmer in the mid 90s who had a scam artist require him to pay $4000 for 4 medium sized quartz crystals, which he was to plant in the four corners of his property so he wouldn't lose his family's farm. Guess what...he lost the farm anyway.

5) If they fish for information and then feed it back to you..."Ah, you like blonds? I see a blond in your future!" This sort of line was reported at one of the local psychic fairs to the organizers as questionable tactics of psychic reader who was new to the fair. After checking the tarot readers out a bit more and hearing what she was really telling her clients, she was asked to leave the fair and not come back.

6) If they try to sell you blessed or anointed trinkets at astronomical prices.... "Yes, I know you can buy this small red bag with a piece of quartz in it for two dollars at the rock store, but this one has been anointed and blessed! That will be $800 please!" One nice local gal was really trying to find a boyfriend, and showed me just such a bag with a small tumbled piece of rose quartz, a fingerling clear quartz crystal, a teeny tiny bottle of essential oil all in a 4" drawstring red bag. Total, everything including the bag cost less than $5. She paid $800!

7) If they will ONLY take cash or a money order. Real businesses and real business people these days take debit cards or credit cards...and if they don't, it's probably because they can't (i.e., their own business credit sucks.) Remember, if you pay by cash or money order, you can't prove the transaction and have no way to get your money back. I talked to a gal just last week who had sent a $1500 money order and it was the third time she'd worked with the "adviser" who suddenly stopped taking her calls.

8) If they tell you to keep things a secret....."Don't tell anyone what I've said to you...then it (the blessing, the cleansing, the spell, the prayer, the working, etc.) won't work." This concept of secrecy I've heard several times...I suspect they only want to keep things hush hush from the IRS!

9) If they insist you keep coming back, that you need more work done on you. "You come back next week, these things take time." One poor local man was promised by the adviser that she could bring back his ex wife. He dutifully went to see her every week for 2 years paying anywhere from $20 to $200 per week (that ranges from $1040 to $10,400 per year!) He finally wised up the day he walked into her door and she shivered strongly and stated, "I'm cold! The spirit's are saying this means you need to buy me a new refrigerator!" That's what it took to make him finally wise up!

10) If they make excuses for their inaccuracy as a psychic. "Things have changed, and you need a new reading."'s where I say...If I'm wrong I'm wrong, I'll never be 100% accurate. I never, EVER make excuses or tell folks they need another reading. If I blew it, I'll admit it. In 20 years of doing this, I've often told folks, "Let me know sometime in a month or so how you're doing!" That's a far cry from, "You must come see me more! You must pay me more!"

Sigh...bottom line, don't get taken by those who just want to pray on you emotionally, physically and spiritually!

Call if you need clarification on any of these things. If you have your own story of how you got scammed, I'd love to hear it!

Remember, if in doubt, call the better business bureau in your area. For FREE you can see if your "adviser" has ever been reported as a phoney or a fraud!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

When Klingons Attack

I'm sure many folks will read the title above and think that I'm going to write today about character's out of the series, Star Trek. So sorry, but I'm going to disappoint you if that's your expectation.

No, what I really wanted to chat with you about today is the concept of getting rid of little bits of memory, other people's energy, and big or little stuff that clings on to you and builds up over time. I call these little "hanger-on-ers" Klingons.

How do you know if you have Klingons? (Wow, I make that sound like it's some sort of social disease, yikes) Well, honestly it's difficult to spot them on your own. The best description I can give you is if you find that some place, some thing, some one caused a negative shift in you and it just won't go away. I know that's pretty vague so perhaps some examples are in order here.

Let's say you have a fairly decent amount of empathic skill...that you easily pick up on the energy and emotions of people, places or things. Let's also say that I introduce you to Bob Smith. Right away you notice that Bob is on the unusual side...he doesn't look you in the eye easily but when he does he stares hard. He can't sit still and is figeting constantly. You ask him one simple question and it set's him off. He gets up and paces in circles trying to figure out, while talking out loud to himself, how to respond to your query of, "How are you?" After being in the room with Bob for less than 10 minutes, you begin to feel drained, like it's suddenly been a very long day and you've had to emotionally put up with a whole lot!

You excuse yourself from Bob and head to your car, but still can't shake the drained feeling. Even after you drive across town and finally get home, make yourself a cup of tea, and put your feet just haven't bounced back. You've unknowingly picked up a Klingon. Most of us have been there, recognize the scenario, and now have a name for it.

What have you actually picked up? What happened with Bob? Wow, great question. With his actions, Bob didn't appear to actually TRY to toss anything negative your way. It's not like he attempted to purposefully send any negative influence your way....he just had his own issues. However, there is another strong possibility.

You entrained to Bob's energy.

What's entrained? Well...we human beings attempt to adapt to our environments. If, say I put you in a rock concert near the speakers and the beat of the music is going at 140 beats per minute...guess what your heart attempts to do. That's right, it picks up speed and tries to mimic that same 140 beats. If I put you in an environment where the music is 60 beats per minute your heart slows down. It entrains to or attempts to match it's environment.

The same sort of thing happens when I take you from in doors to outdoors. Inside, most of us are surrounded by 60 hertz (the frequency of our electric appliances and wall sockets.) Outdoors...well Mom Nature's natural frequency is about 3.7 hertz. Do most of us slow down and calm down better out of doors than in...yep! That's because we naturally entrain to the slower 3.7 hertz.

So, back to our Bob's presence, you entrained to his "buzziness." You picked up on Bob's agitated frequency, naturally entrained to it without realizing you did it, and carried that frequency home with you. It clung on to you...thus....a Klingon.

What do you do about Klingons? That's tomorrow's blog. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

How Do I Find Dates of Upcoming Events?

When I first began my business, I found a lot of other psychics had a big problem with telling when a future event would happen. They might be able to predict the year, maybe even a season, but not get even close to a specific date. That just didn't seem good enough for me.

So, I created my own method of finding dates of future events psychically. Many of you who have come to see me in person have watched me use this method over and over.

First, I start with a question. Perhaps the question from my client is, "I have my house on the market, when will it sell?" With this, I will often write down the specific address of the house, and my client's question on the sketch pad in front of me. Then, below that I'll write the year. Just below that, I'll begin writing the first letter of each month in order, keeping the question in my head the whole time. I'm gently looking for a change in feel regarding the question and watching my pen and writing for any changes.

So, my sketch pad might look like this:
Shane Smith has his house at 409 Adams St.,
Cambridge, Iowa on the market.
When will it sell?

2010 <-Year
J F M A M J J A <-Months

When I get to, in this case, writing A for the month of August and something won't let me write S for September, I know I've gotten close to finding my target date. Just in case I overshot my month...I'll go back several months from the one that I got stopped at and move forward again, this time week by week.

2010 <-Year
J1F1M1A1M1J1J1A <-Months

. <-Weeks

In my example above as I slowly wrote down the numbers for the weeks of each month, again I held the question in my head and was looking for any kind of feeling of change. Something in this case stopped me as I wrote the 3 for the third week of July of 2010. I just couldn't write the 4 for the 4th week. Again, this tells me I'm getting closer and now I can go back to the first of July and actually go day by day.

2010 <-Year
J1F1M1A1M1J1J1A <-Months

. <-Weeks

78910 <-Days
11 12 13 14
16 17 18
19 20 21 22

Even though I was stopped at the third week of July of 2010, I still wanted to make sure I hadn't overshot my mark again, so I went back and began writing the days from the first of July. When I reached July 23, pen literally trailed off and something wouldn't let me write the 24th. I usually repeat this day by day part again to make sure I get the same reaction a second or even third time. As I did this confirmation, I received the same answer, that Shane's house would sell on or about July 23, 2010. Over the years I've found that this can get me within about 48 hours of an event, so I often tell folks to look 2 days before to two days after whatever date I give them. Thus, I told Shane to look for the house to have an offer put on it that will be accepted between July 21 and 25, 2010.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Mercury retrogrades for 2010

On December 26th, we entered into another Mercury retrograde time period until January 15th of this year. Remember to double check all communication, and don't sign legal paperwork or have surgery unless it's absolutely necessary! Here are the other retrograde times for the remainder of 2010.

Mercury turns retrograde April 18 and goes direct again on
May 11 at 2 Taurus

Mercury turns retrograde August 20 at 19 Virgo and
turns direct September 12 at 5 Virgo

Mercury turns retrograde December 10 at 5 Capricorn
and turns direct December 30 at 19 Sagittarius