Friday, August 29, 2008

Shutting out Psychic Noise

Dealing with Psychic Noise

How do you go about shutting out "psychic noise?" How is it possible to work within a noisy, crowded environment, the answer is simply INTENT!

Of course it's optimal when you first start out to want to control your intuitive or psychic learning environment. I myself would love it if I could do all my business sitting next to a lake on a beautiful summer's eve away from phones and electronics, cars and crowds of people. But the honest truth is you don't always have that luxury.

I remember being at the state fair once, and my then four year old son David got separated from the family late in the afternoon in a crowd of 30,000 hot sweaty irritable people. We were in the middle of the midway and I was fighting the rising feeling of panic. I knew I had to act and act quickly, but the din from the crowd and the midway was nearly overwhelming!

I stood in the middle of the throng, stopped, closed my eyes and shut out everything, everything totally and absolutely except for the voice and image of my son. I put myself into his body, and attempted to look through his eyes. I then began to slowly spread out my arms and turn 360 degrees in a circle. Onlookers must have thought I was a little on the nutty side. I didn't care!

Suddenly there was a little psychic tug, and then a stronger one. I whispered "David, it's okay...Mommy's coming to get you." Suddenly there was a tether, a line between him and myself, a psychic string to follow back to his source. I began to move, walking faster and faster through the crowd back toward the brick building we had just come from. A security guard stood near the door. I stopped and out of my mouth suddenly popped, "where is lost and found?" He directed me down the hall and around the corner and I took off following the stronger and stronger pull.

I turned the corner and David was sitting on a stool in lost and found with a cup of water in his hand, being watched over by the lost and found lady. I ran to hug him and thanked and thanked her.

When the need is truly there, the focus and clarity comes as long as you allow it. Know that it can happen!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Psychic Feng Shui

Someone asked me the other day if I had any ideas on how to create a more psychic environment. The gal was specifically speaking about the area in her home she uses for meditation. But her question really got me thinking about how to "feng shui" a house so the entire thing is more conducive to multi-sensory reception.

So, in my head I began going room by room, but because it's usually the room you spend the most time in, and often gain some of the greatest intuitive or psychic in put through your dreams, I will focus this blog on the bedroom. Here's what you do to create a more psychically receptive bedroom environment:

1) Declutter and simplify, simplify, simplify! Remove, put away, organize everything until all surfaces are clean and free of clutter...this means dressers, nightstands, book shelves, the floor...the works! Leave only those things that are absolutely essential and used daily. If it can be put in a drawer or closet out of sight, make it so! Clutter creates internal confusion and chaos. It's the visual manifestation
that life is out of control and out of balance. That confusion and chaos create barriers against psychic reception. Instead, if you can create a room that when you open the door has an "Ahhhhh!" haven-like feeling, you'll be able to not only pick up more stuff intuitively, but sleep better and more than likely improve the intimacy side of your life.

2) Remember, the less electronics the better! I have a lamp and electronic clock by my bed, an overhead light, and a small lamp in the far corner that I seldom use. Please if at all possible, do without the TV in your bedroom. Frequencies (even if the appliance is turned off) affect our ability to pick up information psychically and the less interference the better for your reception! If it can't be removed, unplug what you can when you can!

3) Make your bed every day and pick up your clothes! Make keep the room in a clean/clear energy state as much as you possibly can! Nothing but nothing should be stored under your bed. Find another home for it. Symbolically, when you lay down in bed, you don't really want any clutter between you and your ability to ground to Mother Earth.

4) Dust, vacuum and change the sheets on your bed. Honestly, I also recommend polishing the wood and cleaning the windows. I know for me the clean smell most certainly has a subliminal effect of relaxation and comfort. But the more important aspect of this is symbolic action of sending a message to the Universe that you want your psychic input and reception as clean, clear and crisp as it can possibly be.

5) Go through your closets and drawers and make sure they are organized neatly. Remove items that are out of date, no longer fit, are stained or beyond mending. These areas represent your subconscious connection to the Universe. If they are a mess and chaotic, your subconscious reception will be the same.

6) Look at what you have hanging on the walls (or ceiling or mirros.) Does it relax, calm and inspire you? Sometimes these surfaces become the visual blank canvas for our visions. There is no need for the walls to be bare...but make sure that you choose carefully the last things that you see at night and the images that watch you sleep.

7) Remove any and all negative elements in the room that are both seen and unseen. Carefully go over what you have stored away in closets and drawers. This list of seen and unseen can be everything from the comforter you sleep under that is a hold over from your first marriage to the horror novel you read just before retiring. It might be a necklace given to you by that old psychotic boyfriend or the photo in the bottom drawer of the Auntie Mame who gave you the willies. You can toss it, give it away, burn it or box it up, seal the box and label it for storage elsewhere. If the energy of an object has a negative connotation to it, remove it from the room. It doesn't belong in your bedroom haven and you don't need it creating a barrier between you and the psychic input you are seeking.

8) Look at the arrangement of the room and the things on the walls. Is everything in balance? Is there free flowing space around things? This free flow and easy access within and around the room sends that same message out to the Universe that any and all input may come in with a free flow and that it has easy access to you.

9) Look at the colors in the room...are they the best choice for your haven and psychic reception? Do the colors give you that inviting feel, that "ahhh, my haven" connection when you open the bedroom door? Do the colors seem as inviting in the early morning as they do at 11:00 PM?

10) Make sure your bed as comfortable as possible! When you lay down or sit up there, does it feel right on all parts of your body? Do you need to add a padded headboard? Do you need a mattress topper? Do you just plain need a new mattress and or box spring? Ask yourself what needs to be improved so that when you lay flat on your back, or get into a position that feels best, your body has the greatest reception and intuitive connection to the Universe.

Here's my personal bedroom example:

Astrologically, I'm a Taurus (sensual) with Scorpio rising (sexual/psychic occult depth) and a moon in Cancer (deeply emotional and empathic.) I chose a warm blend of sensual and sexual energies in the things I put up on my walls, with an inviting male and female sort of balance and added a bit of extra Goddess energy to match my moon in Cancer.

So...color wise my walls are deep gold with a copper and iridescent earth tone faux finish that shimmers in candle light.

I have inexpensive sconces that are deep wood color with flickering pillar LED candles (chosen to reduce fire hazard) in several corners of the room.

The wood of my dresser and night stand is a deep cherry stain, and the curtains and headboard are covered in deep crimson fabric with a silky sheen.

I got a new bed after my divorce in 2002 and so the comforter and sheets are all new energy to me. I made sure the sheets had a high thread count (mine are 450) and chose deep crimson sheets that are almost silky to the touch. Boy does that make it wonderful to climb into! The accents pillows on the bed are are deep metallic gold and chocolate brown.

Two lovely Goddess statues, one god/goddess print grace the room with their female energy and an antique mirror near the door helps to reflect the candle light.

The hardwood floors are covered with two simple area rugs that feel good on the toes in the chill of winter.

Currently it's time to go through my closets and dresser (I continue to do so about 4 times a year as chaos happens on a continuing basis.) A few things have migrated into the room that need to get put away and tomorrow is laundry day for the sheets and comforter.

If you have changed a room in your home or have other suggestions for making a place more intuitively or psychically receptive, drop me a line!