Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Psychic Detectives Show "Open Road"

July 4th , 2007 the Court TV Psychic Detectives show entitled "Open Road" first aired here in the USA. The number of calls I received immediately after that increased dramatically and I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to more new clients in a single month than any other time I can remember.

The power of national television is amazing!

Looking back, I knew I was a little curious and a lot apprehensive about how the editing of the show would come out...but the Superfine Films folks did a fabulous job and I had no need to be scared. I would love to work with them again...it was a VERY fun week!

I want to deeply thank my Webmaster/Kung Foo Sensei for all his help with my site, with the photos on it and for lending his house to shoot part of the "Open Road" episode in. I also want to thank my family and JP for all their emotional support and positive comments. Everyone has been very patient with me as we all adjust to the new busier schedule.

Superfine Films would like to shoot me again for another episode of Court TVs Psychic Detectives show. Currently, I'm working on another missing person's case at the moment in South Central that has possibilities. The family and I all believe that he has already passed on and like the "Open Road" story, it's now become a matter of finding the missing man to help put everyone at rest.

I'll keep you posted as to the outcome.