Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Okay...just in case folks have forgotten as we head into the cold and flu season.... This is the the usual immune system boosters reminder for when you feel you are coming down with the CRUD:
500 mg Vitamin C every 3 hours to boost the immune system. Zinc up to 100 mg per day to make it really hard for the bacteria to have babies.
Lysine - 1 capsule per day because many viruses hate lysine and because it boosts the immune system (but only keep it up for 10 days to 2 weeks.) Never take L-Lysine more than 6 months without a break!
Olive leaf extract (for it's anti-viral AND anti-bacterial AND anti-fungal properties) 3 capsules (1500 mg) every six hours like clockwork for 10 days when you feel the icky symptoms coming on. This is a really potent dosage that's used in 3rd world countries to fight HIV and malaria...yep, it's that good!

Eat foods that boost the immune system...garlic is at the top of the list. I would rank fresh pineapple for it's bromelain (strong anti inflammatory) content second and also because of it's vitamin C and fresh papaya (for it's papain anti inflammatory content) third. If you are experiencing arthritis sorts of symptoms...lots of fresh or frozen cherries and cherry juice please!)

Remember, bacteria and viruses grow in a very narrow temperature range AND pH range and anything you can do to take them out of their comfort zone will help. If it's a throat infection, put on a scarf and wear it all day. If it's a lung infection, put a heating pad on your chest. If you want to make your body more alkaline...take the dairy, carbohydrates and protein down to almost nothing in your diet and stick with the fruits and veggies. These are the things that digest as alkaline. Remember, figs and dates are the two fruits that are the ones the create a basic or alkaline environment in your system the fastest. If you don't have an issue with salt, 1/2 of a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water every 4 hours will help as well!

Drink a gallon of water per day (tea, coffee, bottled water...it's all good.) Flush your system! If you struggle with low thyroid, make sure your water source does not have flourine or chlorine. It's way too close to iodine on the period table and can mess us your thyroid hormones.

Take hot hot baths...remember fevers and chills are trying to take your body out of the bacteria's comfort zone...help your body out and sweat out the bacterial die off as much as you can. Baths with Epsom Salts help. Steam saunas or sweat lodges help. Just remember your electrolytes!~ I like Smart water, but you can help your body with Gatoraide or just plain ole water and a half of a banana plus a mini bag of potato chips. (Remember, our muscles when dehydrated need sodium like in salt and potassium, like in bananas or potatoes.)

If your muscles just plain ache or want to easily cramp up, remember 1500 mg of Cal/Mag daily will make you not cramp so easily. If you are a smoker or caffeine person...up it to 2000 daily (because the caffeine molecule and the nicotine molecule bind to the calcium and steal it away so you can't utilize it.) The calcium is the only element on the periodic table that allows your muscles to fully relax! However, the one exception to this is if you have ever had calcium based kidney stones. Then...take 750 magnesium but get your calcium naturally, preferably from plain yogurt.

Take 1 capsule of pro-biotic or eat one yogurt per day to keep your good bacteria in your digestive system going strong because any antibiotics you take will kill off the good guys along with the bad guys. (Yep, antibiotics are really powerful, but stupid...they slay ALL bacteria...no matter if they are helpful to us or not...thus we need to replentish!)

Don't do dairy while you have an active "mucus drainage" sort of infection or stuff up easily...dairy (from cows) is the most mucus forming, body fluid thickening stuff we digest. Stay away from milk, cheese, etc. and it will be easier for you to cough up anything you have sitting in your lungs or not make the mucus crud from your sinuses that you have to cough up )after it drains down into your lungs) in the first place.

Finally, get your sleep! Even if you have to temporarily take something to help that's natural...a couple of valerian capsules (I know it smells like dirty socks but it works) or melatonin (just 1 mg is plenty) are two excellent suggestions.

I figured all of us shared germs (viral/bacterial...whatever) with family and friends from all around the country or even the world over the American Thanksgiving holiday and that this might help because we are hitting the "post T-day" viral/bacterial sharing symptoms. Ward things off at the pass if you sense that tickle coming on. Hit all of these hard if you are experiencing active symptoms and by all means, feel better!

Hugs to all! - Su

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Bubble

About 15 years ago, a gal who worked as a grounds keeper at the Woodward State Hospital in Woodward, Iowa came to me with an unusual story. It was a cloudy, overcast breezy October day in the mid 1990s and she was enjoying one of the last fall mowings of the year. Just about the end of her shift, between 3 and 4 pm she noticed something odd. What appeared to be a giant soap bubble was floating on the breeze toward her location. This bubble she described as "like the one Glenda the Good Witch came in" in the famous Wizard of Oz movie. It was larger than a basketball, but not as big as a medicine ball.

My client was curious and mildly amused, and then suddenly startled when the bubble stopped 30-40 feet in front of her tractor. She stopped the mower, but didn't shut it off and thus couldn't tell me if the bubble made any kind of noise. It hovered there, defying the breeze for 3-4 minutes somewhere between 8 and 10 feet off the ground. Then, to her amazement, it slowly floated back the way it came, moving against the wind!

I mention this now, only because on September 1, 2010, a woman in China observed what sounds like the identical phenomena! Until today, I had never heard a story even close to anything like the one my client had described and was delighted this one came with a picture.

The photo below comes from an article posted by MUFON. The story they printed was brief...ENJOY!

Hong Kong Plasma

SHA TIN-- I was outside hanging up the washing on my balcony on September 1, 2010. As I looked towards the trees, I noticed a spherical object hovering in front of the trees. It was pulsing in brightness. The object seemed to go from transparent to solid. It was very bright with no sound. It did not seem to move. It stayed in one spot, the pulsing got faster and then the object disappeared. The object was about the size of a large inflatable beach ball. I observed it for about five minutes.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fibromyalgia? Avoid these Foods!

I ran across a well written article on Web-MD this morning addressing the topic of fibromyalgia and diet. It echoed exactly what I have been telling my medical intuitive clients for years! I really liked the fact that the author mentioned that fibro sufferers often have related illnesses such as Restless Leg Syndrome, Gluten Intolerance, and Gout (a form of arthritis.) The entire article is listed here (http://www.webmd.com/fibromyalgia/guide/fibromyalgia-the-diet-connection) if you would like to read the entire piece. The quick summary is below:

Avoid these Seven Foods if you suffer from fibromyalgia:
1) Artificial sweeteners of all kinds - I honestly don't recommend any of them!
2) MSG, (all glutamates!) and nitrates - these jazz up your nervous system response and can lead to a bit of nervous system overload. Remember, there are now about 24+ different ways glutamates are listed as food additives in the ingredients list of things you purchase at the grocery store.
3) Refined sugars (white sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, corn syrup) and simple carbohydrates (things made with refined wheat flour) - sugar and foods that break down into sugar quickly don't by themselves cause pain, but they can increase your pain perception by a lot AND feed any yeast over abundance in your body.
4) Caffeine and chocolate - caffeine is a vaso - constrictor and while it might wake us up a bit more by causing more of an adrenaline push, it also causes less blood flow and steals away the calcium molecules so we don't get the benefit of better sleep and muscle relaxation. Remember, caffeine has a LONG half life and the coffee you drink today can still be detected in your body 8 plus days later!
5) Yeast, products raised or fermented with yeast, and gluten (wheat, rye, oats, barley) - make your grains of choice those that don't feet yeast easily (corn, rice) and shy away from those grains that contain gluten.
6) Bovine dairy products (with the exception of plain homemade yogurt.)
7) Nightshade family foods (potatoes, tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, tobacco) - these contain solanine, a glycoalkaloid poison. It's highest concentration is found in potatoes, especially those that are older and whose eyes are beginning to show signs of sprouting as well as potatoes that have a greenish tinge under the skin.

I have personally found that fibromyalgia and vegetarian diets are a very tough mix. Fibro folks seem to do better with more B vitamin rich foods as well as a good regular iron source to help them make better hemoglobin and thus carry more oxygen in the body.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

An Iowa Farmer's Close Encounter of the Third Kind

With the approach this weekend of the Iowa Metaphysical Fair in Des Moines, I was sipping my coffee and thinking back about all the amazing folks I've met and the stories told to me over the years at that event.

One of the most unusual true experiences came from a long time farmer that lived close to Boone, IA, and what happened to him one bright, sunny fall day while harvesting his soybeans.

In June of 2001, a tall, silver haired, 80 plus year old gentleman sat down in the old folding chair across the table from me, his blue eyes bright and glinting with years of experience and wisdom. He was wearing faded blue jeans, a seed corn cap and a nicely pressed plaid shirt. His strong face and slightly knarled hands told me he'd spent years out working in the Iowa corn and bean fields. He extended one of those hands and introduced himself as Roy P.

I was surprised when the next words out of his mouth were, "Can I ask you something and you can tell me whether or not I really saw what I saw or if I'm going crazy? I need to know if I'm losing it." He was serious, and I could tell he was really, truly worried about whether he had symptoms that signaled the onset of dementia.

"Of course," I replied. "Tell me what happened."

The octogenarian slowly took off his seed corn cap, and he looked at me earnestly and bent in, lowering his voice.

"I was out last fall in my harvester, 'bout mid October, finishing up combining a row of beans. It was a bright sunny day, oh...about lunch time, and I noticed that some vines had caught in the front of the rig so I stopped and climbed down to pull 'em out." He paused and slowly licked his lips, glancing sideways to see if anyone else was listening before looking back up at me. I nodded for him to continue.

"It was just me there, and I didn't see anybody else or hear 'em coming up. But I don't always hear so good anymore." He pointed to the hearing aid in his left ear. "Then I turned around an' he was there."

"Who was?" I prompted.

"The tall guy," came the response. I had noticed that my elderly client himself was on the tall side, still close to 6 foot 3 inches even in his early eighties. For him to refer to someone else as "tall," made me sit up and take notice. I'd been tracking in my mind the images he was sending, as I always do when someone speaks, but this was very, very different. I wanted to confirm what I was getting.

"He was really tall wasn't he," I prompted. "Long arms, and really long legs."

The farmer nodded. "I figure close to ten feet," he said. "Maybe more." I could tell he was seeing the image in his mind's eye and was trying to be precise.

I swallowed and nodded. I could see where this was going but wanted him to tell it in his own words. "Go on."

"He was only 'bout a dozen feet from me. No clothes, kinda creamy white skin, his head was pretty big an' I didn't see any hair. He had really long skinny arms n' legs. He had them big dark eyes." The old farmer spread his thumb and index finger apart almost three inches to show me what size he meant, "An' they were almond shaped like."

Roy paused, shook his head and ran a hand through his own neatly trimmed silver hair, remembering the strange event. "Heck, I still had my hands full of vines an' I just stood there lookin' at him."

"What did you do?" I asked gently.

He shook his head again. "Well, I stared at him for a few moments and he stared back at me. I was so flabbergasted I didn't move. I wasn't scared, just kinda...well surprised. Then this tall fella, well he....." Roy's voice trailed off. He looked up at me and suddenly there was real worry in his face. "You gotta tell me if I'm crazy," he said earnestly. "Cause I watched his fella slowly turn away from me, reach out a hand like you would if you were gunna open a door, and then step forward into absolutely nothin!"

"He vanished?" I asked.

Roy nodded. "Disappeared in a single step forward and went straight into nothin'. Like he went through an invisible doorway or something. Never saw him again, never knew where he went."

"What did you do?"

"Well, I stood there for a bit to see if he was gunna come back or what. Then I got back into the combine and went home for lunch."

I had to smile at the practical farmer's response. After a moment, I asked, "Did you tell anybody else? Did you report it to anyone?"

Roy snorted. "Heck no! They'd think I was a nut case...might put me in a home or somthing. I ain't told anybody else but you. After I ate, I went back out to the field to finish up the beans...had to, rain was coming. Never saw or heard anything else at all." He leaned forward, his eyes searching mine earnestly. "So?" was all he said.

I smiled and spent the next ten minutes talking to him earnestly about various types of star-nation or extraterrestrial being sorts of encounters and at the end, I reassured him that his description was not uncommon and that he was as sane as the day he was born. I encouraged him to not be scared, to look at it was an amazing life experience and gave him the contact information for the local Iowa MUFON group.

Roy P. nodded his thanks and stood up. He shook my hand briefly, said thank you again and that was all he needed to hear. I watched the lanky farmer saunter away slowly, and I sighed, then smiled. An 80 plus year old Iowa farmer had just gifted me with a marvelous retelling of his own true close encounter of the third kind. I was blessed to be the first one to ever listen to his story.

Gods, I LOVE my job!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Iowa Metaphysical Fair

This weekend coming up, (yes, June 5th from 11 to 8 and June 6th from 11 to 5) I will be at the Iowa State Fair Grounds in the 4H building doing 15 minute readings for the general public. This marks 20 years that I've been doing this fair since opening my psychic business in 1991. Wow, sure seems like a long long time ago and far, far away.

I've met some fabulous people in my travels all along the way! Married and divorced, had my youngest son, traveled the Caribbean and to Canada, from the Northwest Coast to the tip of Florida. I've taught psychic skill development classes in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nebraska, and even out in Delaware. I've been on national as well as international television, and published a book. I've learned about everything from EFT to tornadoes, quantum physics to fire magic. I can honestly say I've lost count of the number of traditional Lakota sweat lodges that I've been to, can't tell you how many star quilts I've made, and truly count learning this way of life as a wonderful blessing. I even learned how to speak a little Lakota along the way.

So, what do the next 20 years bring? Will I be here in another 20? I would like to think so, but that's going to take me buckling down, working harder on my health, simplifying life a lot more, and getting organized.

I think it's a good day to start.

Happy June 1st, 2010! Hope to see you at the Metaphysical Fair!


Monday, May 17, 2010

AMAZING Pain Relief (from papaya of all things!)

Well, you could have picked my jaw up from off the floor this week.
As a medical intuitive who knows a lot about natural pain relievers and anti inflamatories, I shouldn't have been as surprised as I was, but this sure made me a believer.

I've been limping around with sciatic pain and a bum left hip for more than a year now. Physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, traditional treatments all seemed to have short lived, temporary results. I've been working on my exercises, walking more, and making sure I have the right shoes. I've been totally resisting going to the doctor for a stronger pain reliever, determined to get on top of this myself.

But I wasn't getting very far. I'd have two or three good days, then a bad flare up. Ibuprofen or naproxen just wasn't cutting the night time pain and so I would toss and turn all night, not finding any good position, even with a pillow between my knees.

Until last week. I was picking up fruit at the local grocery and stumbled upon a sale of papaya, a fruit I had spoken to my clients about for its enzyme papain, but hadn't actually eaten myself in who knew how long. They were half price so I bought one.

Papaya are green yellow on the outside when ripe, and pretty much look and taste like cantelope. They are easy to eat, pare off the skin with a knife, cut it in half the long way down the middle, scoop out the seeds, slice and eat. I ate half of one the first day, saving the other part for later.

I limped to bed, but as the night came on, my hip pain relaxed. It relaxed so much, I got the first good night's sleep in more than a month. I woke up, swung my legs round to the floor, stood up and realized suddenly that I hadn't tossed and turned all night and standing up was easy.


Cautiously optimistic, I ate the other half of the papaya that evening and experienced the same result. A night of blissful, pain free sleep.

I waited several days, did a little gardening, mushroom hunting, hiking and sure enough, the hip pain returned. I went and bought 2 more papaya. This time I took ibuprofen and ate the papaya in the afternoon instead of the evening. Within 2 hours, my pain was nearly gone (ibuprofen never did that alone!) and stayed good until about midnight that night. Nearly 10 hours after eating two cups of papaya, the anti-inflammatory effects stayed with me that long.

Repeated the ibuprofen with papaya at bedtime last night. It still took a couple of hours for the full pain relieving affect to hit (guess it takes a while to get enough of the enzyme flowing through my system.)

I have another larger papaya ripening on the kitchen counter. More experimentation to come!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

2012 Solar Storms

Every once and a while I get a nice confirmation about a prediction. In April of 2009, I wrote a blog indicating that I psychically detected an strong upsurge in solar storm activity in March of 2012. We've been in a solar minimum, a lull in sun spot activity, that I said would turn and become a period of really strong CMEs or coronal mass ejections that would come back at us with a real wallop.

Today, The Independent Scientist ran an article saying the same thing. This quote comes from the article written by Steve Conner, the science editor there:

"Do not adjust your sets: solar storms could cause blackouts at Olympics

By Steve Connor, Science Editor

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Solar flares erupting from the surface of the Sun fling billions of tonnes of electrically-charged matter towards the Earth in a solar storm


Solar flares erupting from the surface of the Sun fling billions of tonnes of electrically-charged matter towards the Earth in a solar storm

    Friday, January 29, 2010

    Psychic Scam Artists

    I just got off the phone with a really nice gal from the Birmingham, Alabama area and am still shaking my head. Yet another new client called me, wanting to know my prices because she had been approached by a different "spiritual adviser" who quoted her some pretty out of this world rates.

    Ms. Birmingham wanted to make sure she understood what I charged because a "psychic adviser" (who shall remain forever nameless) she and her sister had gone to see in their area told her in December that the two of them had old baggage hanging on from their childhood and immediately needed a $3000 spiritual cleansing! When the gal I spoke with on the phone balked at the price, the "adviser" asked if wasn't there some way she could take out a loan for the money? The "adviser" claimed that it was critical she receive the cleansing.

    I suspect the only critical thing in this situation was the "adviser's" need for fast cash!

    $3000! Holy smokes! $3000 for what, past family issues and baggage? Honestly I don't know anyone who doesn't have at least SOME baggage or hurt or frustration or "stuff" leftover from their growing up. If you honestly believe you need to pay $3000 for such a cleansing...I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn you can buy as well...and I'll give you a really good deal on it too! Sheesh!

    I explained to my caller that I would much rather teach her the simple techniques and ways that she can work within her own background, culture, faith and spiritual belief system to cleanse herself. She was surprised this was even possible. Of course it is! There are lots and lots of things that one can do to move forward beyond where we got stuck as kids, or even where our families got stuck emotionally, or physically or spiritually.

    Time to spell out again how to spot a scam artist! All of the following examples are absolutely true, real stories my clients here in Iowa and around the country have relayed to me over the years.

    Here's the top ten list of things to watch for in a metaphysical scammer:

    1) If the individual is not advertising with their full, real name (first and last!) If they sport a title to make themselves appear more important, like Madam Mucky-Muck or Sister Soandso, Reverend Star Sun Moon, or even Mrs. Common Last Name.

    2) If they can't quote you definite prices, keep changing or raising their rates, or have really high prices for their readings or anything else you might purchase from their business. Often the first reading is cheap...$10-20, and it keeps going up from there once the scam artist realizes the fears you have and how they can play it up to get more money from you.

    3) If they make promises that no human can possibly make such as, "I promise I'll get your ex to come back to you!" One lovely little college gal who I know had her basketball star boyfriend dump her, and she paid the scammer more than $3000 over a six month period of time because she was promised that he would be coming back to her.

    4) If they play on your fears..."You have negativity around you and for $ (anywhere from $100 to $10,000) I'll remove it." By the way, negativity can be substituted for dark energy, a spell, something evil that's attached to you, a curse that's been put on you, or just plain ole stuff in your aura. It can also be played up as, "Unless you do this thing that I tell you, you will lose your.... (farm, house, job, spouse, sig. other, etc.)" I talked to a farmer in the mid 90s who had a scam artist require him to pay $4000 for 4 medium sized quartz crystals, which he was to plant in the four corners of his property so he wouldn't lose his family's farm. Guess what...he lost the farm anyway.

    5) If they fish for information and then feed it back to you..."Ah, you like blonds? I see a blond in your future!" This sort of line was reported at one of the local psychic fairs to the organizers as questionable tactics of psychic reader who was new to the fair. After checking the tarot readers out a bit more and hearing what she was really telling her clients, she was asked to leave the fair and not come back.

    6) If they try to sell you blessed or anointed trinkets at astronomical prices.... "Yes, I know you can buy this small red bag with a piece of quartz in it for two dollars at the rock store, but this one has been anointed and blessed! That will be $800 please!" One nice local gal was really trying to find a boyfriend, and showed me just such a bag with a small tumbled piece of rose quartz, a fingerling clear quartz crystal, a teeny tiny bottle of essential oil all in a 4" drawstring red bag. Total, everything including the bag cost less than $5. She paid $800!

    7) If they will ONLY take cash or a money order. Real businesses and real business people these days take debit cards or credit cards...and if they don't, it's probably because they can't (i.e., their own business credit sucks.) Remember, if you pay by cash or money order, you can't prove the transaction and have no way to get your money back. I talked to a gal just last week who had sent a $1500 money order and it was the third time she'd worked with the "adviser" who suddenly stopped taking her calls.

    8) If they tell you to keep things a secret....."Don't tell anyone what I've said to you...then it (the blessing, the cleansing, the spell, the prayer, the working, etc.) won't work." This concept of secrecy I've heard several times...I suspect they only want to keep things hush hush from the IRS!

    9) If they insist you keep coming back, that you need more work done on you. "You come back next week, these things take time." One poor local man was promised by the adviser that she could bring back his ex wife. He dutifully went to see her every week for 2 years paying anywhere from $20 to $200 per week (that ranges from $1040 to $10,400 per year!) He finally wised up the day he walked into her door and she shivered strongly and stated, "I'm cold! The spirit's are saying this means you need to buy me a new refrigerator!" That's what it took to make him finally wise up!

    10) If they make excuses for their inaccuracy as a psychic. "Things have changed, and you need a new reading." Okay....here's where I say...If I'm wrong I'm wrong, I'll never be 100% accurate. I never, EVER make excuses or tell folks they need another reading. If I blew it, I'll admit it. In 20 years of doing this, I've often told folks, "Let me know sometime in a month or so how you're doing!" That's a far cry from, "You must come see me more! You must pay me more!"

    Sigh...bottom line, don't get taken by those who just want to pray on you emotionally, physically and spiritually!

    Call if you need clarification on any of these things. If you have your own story of how you got scammed, I'd love to hear it!

    Remember, if in doubt, call the better business bureau in your area. For FREE you can see if your "adviser" has ever been reported as a phoney or a fraud!

    Wednesday, January 06, 2010

    When Klingons Attack

    I'm sure many folks will read the title above and think that I'm going to write today about character's out of the series, Star Trek. So sorry, but I'm going to disappoint you if that's your expectation.

    No, what I really wanted to chat with you about today is the concept of getting rid of little bits of memory, other people's energy, and big or little stuff that clings on to you and builds up over time. I call these little "hanger-on-ers" Klingons.

    How do you know if you have Klingons? (Wow, I make that sound like it's some sort of social disease, yikes) Well, honestly it's difficult to spot them on your own. The best description I can give you is if you find that some place, some thing, some one caused a negative shift in you and it just won't go away. I know that's pretty vague so perhaps some examples are in order here.

    Let's say you have a fairly decent amount of empathic skill...that you easily pick up on the energy and emotions of people, places or things. Let's also say that I introduce you to Bob Smith. Right away you notice that Bob is on the unusual side...he doesn't look you in the eye easily but when he does he stares hard. He can't sit still and is figeting constantly. You ask him one simple question and it set's him off. He gets up and paces in circles trying to figure out, while talking out loud to himself, how to respond to your query of, "How are you?" After being in the room with Bob for less than 10 minutes, you begin to feel drained, like it's suddenly been a very long day and you've had to emotionally put up with a whole lot!

    You excuse yourself from Bob and head to your car, but still can't shake the drained feeling. Even after you drive across town and finally get home, make yourself a cup of tea, and put your feet up...you just haven't bounced back. You've unknowingly picked up a Klingon. Most of us have been there, recognize the scenario, and now have a name for it.

    What have you actually picked up? What happened with Bob? Wow, great question. With his actions, Bob didn't appear to actually TRY to toss anything negative your way. It's not like he attempted to purposefully send any negative influence your way....he just had his own issues. However, there is another strong possibility.

    You entrained to Bob's energy.

    What's entrained? Well...we human beings attempt to adapt to our environments. If, say I put you in a rock concert near the speakers and the beat of the music is going at 140 beats per minute...guess what your heart attempts to do. That's right, it picks up speed and tries to mimic that same 140 beats. If I put you in an environment where the music is 60 beats per minute your heart slows down. It entrains to or attempts to match it's environment.

    The same sort of thing happens when I take you from in doors to outdoors. Inside, most of us are surrounded by 60 hertz (the frequency of our electric appliances and wall sockets.) Outdoors...well Mom Nature's natural frequency is about 3.7 hertz. Do most of us slow down and calm down better out of doors than in...yep! That's because we naturally entrain to the slower 3.7 hertz.

    So, back to our example...in Bob's presence, you entrained to his "buzziness." You picked up on Bob's agitated frequency, naturally entrained to it without realizing you did it, and carried that frequency home with you. It clung on to you...thus....a Klingon.

    What do you do about Klingons? That's tomorrow's blog. Stay tuned.

    Tuesday, January 05, 2010

    How Do I Find Dates of Upcoming Events?

    When I first began my business, I found a lot of other psychics had a big problem with telling when a future event would happen. They might be able to predict the year, maybe even a season, but not get even close to a specific date. That just didn't seem good enough for me.

    So, I created my own method of finding dates of future events psychically. Many of you who have come to see me in person have watched me use this method over and over.

    First, I start with a question. Perhaps the question from my client is, "I have my house on the market, when will it sell?" With this, I will often write down the specific address of the house, and my client's question on the sketch pad in front of me. Then, below that I'll write the year. Just below that, I'll begin writing the first letter of each month in order, keeping the question in my head the whole time. I'm gently looking for a change in feel regarding the question and watching my pen and writing for any changes.

    So, my sketch pad might look like this:
    Shane Smith has his house at 409 Adams St.,
    Cambridge, Iowa on the market.
    When will it sell?

    2010 <-Year
    J F M A M J J A <-Months

    When I get to, in this case, writing A for the month of August and something won't let me write S for September, I know I've gotten close to finding my target date. Just in case I overshot my month...I'll go back several months from the one that I got stopped at and move forward again, this time week by week.

    2010 <-Year
    J1F1M1A1M1J1J1A <-Months

    . <-Weeks

    In my example above as I slowly wrote down the numbers for the weeks of each month, again I held the question in my head and was looking for any kind of feeling of change. Something in this case stopped me as I wrote the 3 for the third week of July of 2010. I just couldn't write the 4 for the 4th week. Again, this tells me I'm getting closer and now I can go back to the first of July and actually go day by day.

    2010 <-Year
    J1F1M1A1M1J1J1A <-Months

    . <-Weeks

    78910 <-Days
    11 12 13 14
    16 17 18
    19 20 21 22

    Even though I was stopped at the third week of July of 2010, I still wanted to make sure I hadn't overshot my mark again, so I went back and began writing the days from the first of July. When I reached July 23, 2010....my pen literally trailed off and something wouldn't let me write the 24th. I usually repeat this day by day part again to make sure I get the same reaction a second or even third time. As I did this confirmation, I received the same answer, that Shane's house would sell on or about July 23, 2010. Over the years I've found that this can get me within about 48 hours of an event, so I often tell folks to look 2 days before to two days after whatever date I give them. Thus, I told Shane to look for the house to have an offer put on it that will be accepted between July 21 and 25, 2010.

    Saturday, January 02, 2010

    Mercury retrogrades for 2010

    On December 26th, we entered into another Mercury retrograde time period until January 15th of this year. Remember to double check all communication, and don't sign legal paperwork or have surgery unless it's absolutely necessary! Here are the other retrograde times for the remainder of 2010.

    Mercury turns retrograde April 18 and goes direct again on
    May 11 at 2 Taurus

    Mercury turns retrograde August 20 at 19 Virgo and
    turns direct September 12 at 5 Virgo

    Mercury turns retrograde December 10 at 5 Capricorn
    and turns direct December 30 at 19 Sagittarius