Monday, November 10, 2008

Scorpio and Taurus this week!

Another full moon is coming up this week, and this one often puts people on a particularly powerful emotional edge. For those of you who don't speak astrologese, let me see if I can put it into lay terms.

We are in Scorpio time (about October 22 to November 21st) which can be one of the most emotionally intense signs of the entire zodiac. During the four weeks that the Sun is in Scorpio, passions can and often do peak. Some of the more difficult sides or aspects of these potent feelings might include: jealousy, digging up hidden information, secret investigation, burning sexuality, zealousness, suspiciousness. I've seen all of these areas get turned up or turned on during this time of the year.

The full moon this month is in the sign of Taurus. It is officially full at 12:17 am central standard time on November 13th. Taurus often is thought of as the sign of the stubborn or bull headed individual. Taurus is also about home, family, stability and sensuality. When taken to an extreme, the desire for the delight of the senses can also cross over into addictions.

Full moons act as a's like suddenly adding gasoline to an already burning fire. The day before a full moon, the day of, and the day after, expect things to emotionally intensify in the areas that connect with the combination of the Sun and the Moon's energies.

So, to break it all down, what can you expect? What does this all mean? It's a good news, bad news sort of story.

The bad news first...this Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus combination can have a painful side. Beginning the 12th, peaking the 13th, winding up on the 14th, look for a greater amount of conflict concerning sexuality and suspicion regarding relationships that relate to the home. I would also expect more difficulties with addictive behaviors, jealousy within the family, accusations and snooping for information. Desire for sex and for increased sensual delight will also play an part in all of this.

Can this result in couples dealing with suspicions and jealousy? Yes. I would also expect siblings to show more intense emotions of jealousy toward one another this week. It may also affect employer/employee relationships (worry about job, suspicion, feelings of being watched more closely) because ultimately the paycheck affects home and family.

Would I expect more drunk driving arrests this month? You betcha because of the tendency of Taurus toward addictions. Addictions don't have to be just alcohol (or drugs.) Would I expect more chocolate to be consumed in secrecy this week...yes! Expect any and all leftover Halloween candy or chocolate in the house to be totally gone by Friday.

Could this be a time when any type of ongoing investigation turns up something important...absolutely. It might be because folks dig a little deeper and seek and little harder. It could also be because of someones sudden (and more careless) desire to hide things at the last minute without planning or forethought that result in discovery.

While the above sounds pretty negative, there is an upside to Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus!

The GOOD news...the full moon this month can be a time for the most exquisite combination of sensual and sexual energy, especially when it's combined specifically to create some incredibly memorable intimacy . If you are looking for a day (or days) to put a little more "ooooo!" into your "ooo-la-la!" sort of boudoir fun, focus your plans for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week (and have a good time!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mercury retrograde approaches

From September 24th to October 15th, Mercury will be retrograde again, this time in the sign of Libra.

So in plain English, what exactly does that mean? Simply, that most all forms of communication can and will get a little messed up. E-mails lost in the ethers, phone calls missed, talk misunderstood, and on and on.

How can you make surviving a retrograde easier? Simple! Follow up all important communication in another fashion. If you call someone, send an e-mail to confirm what was said. If you are working with a written communication, summarize and repeat the understood details with a quick phone call. It's all in double checking.

Increase your patience during this time. Folks, including yourself, aren't trying to muck up the communication works, it's just that these things happen. Take a breath, work the problem with calm and patience.

Remember to use I statements like "If I understand you correctly and can summarize what you said, this is what I heard."

If you haven't heard from someone you are expecting to, give them the benefit of the doubt and pick up the phone or write to them. They may indeed have tried to get a hold of you and the connection just wouldn't go through.

Remember, PATIENCE! AND out. Repeat.

Relax and don't fight the bass ackwards communication that can happen during a Mercury retrograde...just laugh, shrug and go with the flow.

This too shall pass.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Alex and Me

My dear friend, Dr. Irene Pepperberg, gave me a call last week and let me know that Alex's memoirs would be out at the end of October!

Irene and Alex, for almost 30 years, did ground breaking research in human/avian communication. Sadly, Alex passed a year ago on September 6, 2007.

I was so excited to hear that the book is about to come out! Look for Irene to be on Good Morning American on October 30th~!

Personally, I can't wait to get an autographed copy of her new book!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Starting a Psychic Business

Once in a while I get a call from someone who is hugely gifted, above and beyond the average intuitive. It's not uncommon that the conversation will turn, and the caller will as me, "how did you get started doing this?"

Well, like many small businesses, the first years were touch and go financially. I have learned many valuable things about running a business over the years and am happy to share those with you.

1) In this business, your clients will be about 95% women, usually between the ages of 21 and 59. Keeping track of their names and addresses and sending out a letter or postcard to them at least every 4 months or so is a really good idea. The more personal this connection, the better.

2) In your first 3 years, at least 33% of your budget MUST go to advertising expenses. Other expenses like telephone, office rent, utilities, supplies, pay to yourself, taxes, etc., are above and beyond this one huge chunk.

3) Your own city will NOT be big enough to support you at any more than about minimum wage unless it contains more than two million people. IF your skills allow, I suggest that you offer work over the phone as well as in person. This can vastly increase your demographics from a thirty mile radius to the entire planet.

4) Here and now in 2008, unless you have a website that is well designed with good photos and a web master who knows his or her stuff in getting your website ranked highly on the search engines, you won't be found on the Internet. If you Google the word "psychic" you bring up 32 MILLION sites! A search for "clairvoyant" brings up 2.7 MILLION sites! Most people search through about 3 pages of listings before they stop. This means if your website doesn't show up in the top 60 listings, more than likely you won't be noticed. This is where 90-95% of your advertising dollar needs to go!

5) Get both a business phone and a sales tax id number before you open your doors! Most states in the United States consider "psychic" work something that is for "entertainment purposes only." Because of this, you are subject to charging sales tax and reporting it monthly or quarterly. Do NOT delay either getting your sales tax license or paying your sales tax on time every time!!!

6) To consider having a really quality professional photo taken of yourself for your business cards, stationary, or website. A picture is worth a thousand words and several thousand dollars in business if someone can look at it and automatically feel a connection with you.

7) Have a good long discussion with a CPA about your taxes and what you can and cannot claim. Consider a home office and putting advertising via magnetic signs on the doors of your vehicle. Educate yourself about business taxes and what is and is not deductible!

8) DO NOT expect your business to support you and pay your bills at any time in the first 9 months! You WILL need another income source in year one and possibly year two to start this kind of business up from ground zero.

9) Expect to work 7 days a week, and an average of 60 hours per week of actual business work or planning and even more hours "on call." At anytime you are self employed, take the call and the business whenever you can get it, even if it's 2 AM.

10) Work like each and every client is your boss. If you meet clients in your home or office, act like the boss is showing up and make sure everything looks, feels and smells wonderful! If you are working on the phone, act like the caller is your supervisor or the person who signs your paychecks and treat them with that sort of respect. Always remember, the phrase "self employed" is a bit of a misnomer. The entire world is your employer...never forget this!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Missing Macaw

The Missing Macaw

Yesterday I got a frantic call from a dear friend who owned a scarlet macaw here in Ames. She and her bird had just moved and, as she sometimes did, she took him outside for a bit of a walk around the yard.

To make a long story short, at 4:25 something spooked the bird and he took off, flying up into the dense foliage of the neighborhood trees and was no where to be found. "B" called me immediately, worried sick and not knowing where to go or what to do. Could I provide some psychic help to find her bird "Charlie."

There was a bit of a weather front on the way yesterday afternoon, with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. We had to act fast.

I focused in on Charlie and realized that everything seemed to be from a very strange and scary vantage point to him. He was used to seeing everything from the ground....not from up in the canopy. He wasn't sure where home was by sight.

"B" had been calling and calling his name, but gotten no response. Again, I honed in on the bird and suddenly realized that he would come home if he HEARD familiar sounds that he normally associated with B and the house. It was 4:38 and I hastily gave her the following instructions:

"Get your boom box and the cds you normally play at home repeatedly. Put it on top of your car in the driveway and crank up the volume. Do it quick! And get Charlie's favorite treats and have them in your pocket. Charlie will be home within the hour, don't worry. He has to hear the familiar music to guide him back to the house. He's within 2 blocks of where you are but just doesn't know visually how to get home. He will follow the music! Look for him about 5 PM."

Twenty minutes later, at 4:58 I got a wonderful relieved and thankful call. Charlie indeed picked up on the familiar boom box tunes and came right back as soon as he heard the songs associated with home for him. B spotted him at three minutes to five when he flew closer to the ground and landed in a bush in the backyard near the driveway. She enticed him over with his favorite treats and took him back into the house safe and sound.

I was really really thankful Charlie had some home and been reunited with B! But I found myself also thanking the Universe for my abilities and that I could, when push came to shove, truly make an immediate difference.

Sometimes being a psychic can be stressful, draining, and downright exhausting. It is a job with huge variety, that I'll grant you...and actually, truth be told, that part I DO really, really like.

But it's little moments like today, that make me wanna say, "I really LOVE my job!"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Shutting out Psychic Noise

Dealing with Psychic Noise

How do you go about shutting out "psychic noise?" How is it possible to work within a noisy, crowded environment, the answer is simply INTENT!

Of course it's optimal when you first start out to want to control your intuitive or psychic learning environment. I myself would love it if I could do all my business sitting next to a lake on a beautiful summer's eve away from phones and electronics, cars and crowds of people. But the honest truth is you don't always have that luxury.

I remember being at the state fair once, and my then four year old son David got separated from the family late in the afternoon in a crowd of 30,000 hot sweaty irritable people. We were in the middle of the midway and I was fighting the rising feeling of panic. I knew I had to act and act quickly, but the din from the crowd and the midway was nearly overwhelming!

I stood in the middle of the throng, stopped, closed my eyes and shut out everything, everything totally and absolutely except for the voice and image of my son. I put myself into his body, and attempted to look through his eyes. I then began to slowly spread out my arms and turn 360 degrees in a circle. Onlookers must have thought I was a little on the nutty side. I didn't care!

Suddenly there was a little psychic tug, and then a stronger one. I whispered "David, it's okay...Mommy's coming to get you." Suddenly there was a tether, a line between him and myself, a psychic string to follow back to his source. I began to move, walking faster and faster through the crowd back toward the brick building we had just come from. A security guard stood near the door. I stopped and out of my mouth suddenly popped, "where is lost and found?" He directed me down the hall and around the corner and I took off following the stronger and stronger pull.

I turned the corner and David was sitting on a stool in lost and found with a cup of water in his hand, being watched over by the lost and found lady. I ran to hug him and thanked and thanked her.

When the need is truly there, the focus and clarity comes as long as you allow it. Know that it can happen!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Psychic Feng Shui

Someone asked me the other day if I had any ideas on how to create a more psychic environment. The gal was specifically speaking about the area in her home she uses for meditation. But her question really got me thinking about how to "feng shui" a house so the entire thing is more conducive to multi-sensory reception.

So, in my head I began going room by room, but because it's usually the room you spend the most time in, and often gain some of the greatest intuitive or psychic in put through your dreams, I will focus this blog on the bedroom. Here's what you do to create a more psychically receptive bedroom environment:

1) Declutter and simplify, simplify, simplify! Remove, put away, organize everything until all surfaces are clean and free of clutter...this means dressers, nightstands, book shelves, the floor...the works! Leave only those things that are absolutely essential and used daily. If it can be put in a drawer or closet out of sight, make it so! Clutter creates internal confusion and chaos. It's the visual manifestation
that life is out of control and out of balance. That confusion and chaos create barriers against psychic reception. Instead, if you can create a room that when you open the door has an "Ahhhhh!" haven-like feeling, you'll be able to not only pick up more stuff intuitively, but sleep better and more than likely improve the intimacy side of your life.

2) Remember, the less electronics the better! I have a lamp and electronic clock by my bed, an overhead light, and a small lamp in the far corner that I seldom use. Please if at all possible, do without the TV in your bedroom. Frequencies (even if the appliance is turned off) affect our ability to pick up information psychically and the less interference the better for your reception! If it can't be removed, unplug what you can when you can!

3) Make your bed every day and pick up your clothes! Make keep the room in a clean/clear energy state as much as you possibly can! Nothing but nothing should be stored under your bed. Find another home for it. Symbolically, when you lay down in bed, you don't really want any clutter between you and your ability to ground to Mother Earth.

4) Dust, vacuum and change the sheets on your bed. Honestly, I also recommend polishing the wood and cleaning the windows. I know for me the clean smell most certainly has a subliminal effect of relaxation and comfort. But the more important aspect of this is symbolic action of sending a message to the Universe that you want your psychic input and reception as clean, clear and crisp as it can possibly be.

5) Go through your closets and drawers and make sure they are organized neatly. Remove items that are out of date, no longer fit, are stained or beyond mending. These areas represent your subconscious connection to the Universe. If they are a mess and chaotic, your subconscious reception will be the same.

6) Look at what you have hanging on the walls (or ceiling or mirros.) Does it relax, calm and inspire you? Sometimes these surfaces become the visual blank canvas for our visions. There is no need for the walls to be bare...but make sure that you choose carefully the last things that you see at night and the images that watch you sleep.

7) Remove any and all negative elements in the room that are both seen and unseen. Carefully go over what you have stored away in closets and drawers. This list of seen and unseen can be everything from the comforter you sleep under that is a hold over from your first marriage to the horror novel you read just before retiring. It might be a necklace given to you by that old psychotic boyfriend or the photo in the bottom drawer of the Auntie Mame who gave you the willies. You can toss it, give it away, burn it or box it up, seal the box and label it for storage elsewhere. If the energy of an object has a negative connotation to it, remove it from the room. It doesn't belong in your bedroom haven and you don't need it creating a barrier between you and the psychic input you are seeking.

8) Look at the arrangement of the room and the things on the walls. Is everything in balance? Is there free flowing space around things? This free flow and easy access within and around the room sends that same message out to the Universe that any and all input may come in with a free flow and that it has easy access to you.

9) Look at the colors in the room...are they the best choice for your haven and psychic reception? Do the colors give you that inviting feel, that "ahhh, my haven" connection when you open the bedroom door? Do the colors seem as inviting in the early morning as they do at 11:00 PM?

10) Make sure your bed as comfortable as possible! When you lay down or sit up there, does it feel right on all parts of your body? Do you need to add a padded headboard? Do you need a mattress topper? Do you just plain need a new mattress and or box spring? Ask yourself what needs to be improved so that when you lay flat on your back, or get into a position that feels best, your body has the greatest reception and intuitive connection to the Universe.

Here's my personal bedroom example:

Astrologically, I'm a Taurus (sensual) with Scorpio rising (sexual/psychic occult depth) and a moon in Cancer (deeply emotional and empathic.) I chose a warm blend of sensual and sexual energies in the things I put up on my walls, with an inviting male and female sort of balance and added a bit of extra Goddess energy to match my moon in Cancer.

So...color wise my walls are deep gold with a copper and iridescent earth tone faux finish that shimmers in candle light.

I have inexpensive sconces that are deep wood color with flickering pillar LED candles (chosen to reduce fire hazard) in several corners of the room.

The wood of my dresser and night stand is a deep cherry stain, and the curtains and headboard are covered in deep crimson fabric with a silky sheen.

I got a new bed after my divorce in 2002 and so the comforter and sheets are all new energy to me. I made sure the sheets had a high thread count (mine are 450) and chose deep crimson sheets that are almost silky to the touch. Boy does that make it wonderful to climb into! The accents pillows on the bed are are deep metallic gold and chocolate brown.

Two lovely Goddess statues, one god/goddess print grace the room with their female energy and an antique mirror near the door helps to reflect the candle light.

The hardwood floors are covered with two simple area rugs that feel good on the toes in the chill of winter.

Currently it's time to go through my closets and dresser (I continue to do so about 4 times a year as chaos happens on a continuing basis.) A few things have migrated into the room that need to get put away and tomorrow is laundry day for the sheets and comforter.

If you have changed a room in your home or have other suggestions for making a place more intuitively or psychically receptive, drop me a line!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Of Buffalo Robes and Brain Tanning

What a strange month April has turned out to be for me! Starting with whirlwind decluttering and cleaning inside and out for the We-TV series that turned out not to happen, then got a call from a film student in Iowa City...could HE come film me for a documentary he's doing on psychics and mediums? So, instead of filming with a national crew Tuesday of last week, I spent 3.5 hours filming with a masters student from U of I. He'll let me know how it comes out sometime soon here.

My dear Lakota friends have also gone through quite a month for a different reason...and I have to admit to joining in on the unusual goings on.

Although Lester has been a practicing Medicine Man for 20+ years, he had not gone through the traditional Yuwipi ceremony that is required for the members of the Lakota Nation to recognize and sanction him as such. How can I describe the pressure of this ceremony....hmmmm. A good analogy would be someone who has been a practicing minister AND doctor for years being tested by other clergy and physicians of the church and the medical community to see if God really truly DOES indeed speak to them and through them by performing an absolutely full blown miracle on the spot! Lester is covered tied up in a sacred blanket, and Spirits must come to untie him (among other things.)

Two years ago, I created this sacred blanket for Lester for his ceremony by hand dying the fabric and sewing it to his specifications. He's been gathering sacred materials for this event for the past 3 years...including elk ivory teeth, dirt from the entrance to mole hills, choke cherry sticks, and other things that would make you and I shake our heads and go, "Huh???"

A Yuwipi ceremony involves having at least one other Yuwipi Man come to perform it on the candidate. Many of these men can trace their spiritual heritage back through generations of medicine men with very famous names you would recognize. There are only a few dozen traditional Lakota medicine men in North America and even fewer Yuwipi men alive at any one point in time. Two of the current standing Yuwipi Men were at Lester and Mindi's house this month performing Lester's first ceremony.

So, long story short, Lester went through the first of four ceremonies a couple of weeks ago and thank the Ancestors, the Spirits came and untied him. However, during the ceremony, it was made clear that he was missing two key things....1) His own buffalo robe (from a full grown male bison in winter coat, that also has the tail still attached) and 2) ropes made of deer or elk skin strips, created by tanning the leather with the brains of that animal. I believe he was instructed that he MUST have these things before June 1st and that Lester was not to seek these things or purchase them himself, but that those who he had worked with in lodge were to go find them for him.

Until 10 days ago, I had no idea what "brain tanning" was. Apparently it's a very old, very traditional method of tanning a hide that makes it very soft and very supple by the end of the process. Most leather these days is commercially tanned and easy to find. What's not so easy is finding someone who does brain tanning at all...I managed to seek out a couple of buck-skinners, and 2 native folks, who did this process, but not very many people understand or go through the effort to do this method any more. Second, even if I found someone, it's not currently deer season and I needed a full deer or elk hide (as least a 3 x 5 piece) that could be shipped to Iowa before the end of May! It took dozens of calls and e-mails to find a man in CT who was getting ready to finish up smoking a batch of four hides this weekend. Apparently, after the brain tanning these hides are pretty white and it takes hanging them over a wood fire to get them to be a nice toasty golden color. The CT Tanner said he would be happy give us our pick of the four and ship it out on Monday.

Then I made calls all over seeking a reasonably priced full size buffalo robe. Yee-gads! These robes can get costly! If you look on the internet, a full size male bison or buffalo skin can run up there well above $1000! This was not quite in our budget, so I grabbed my handy search engine and began calling members of the Iowa Bison Association. I figured if I bought locally I might have a better chance of finding something reasonably priced, and those who raised bison for their meat would likely have robes for sale from their own animals. Sure enough, had a fellow call me back within less than two hours from Harlan, Iowa (near the west edge) who owned a bison ranch. He quoted me a VERY reasonable price and I told him he had a deal. This morning I drop my son off to school and keep on trucking a couple of hours west to pick up not only the buffalo robe for Lester, but also two coolers full of frozen bison meat.

Sometimes my psychic work overlaps with my spiritual work and that can and does often take me down unusual paths!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Do You Doubt Your Psychic Abilities?

For many people, listening to their intuitive or psychic side at first feels a little backwards and even silly. Sometimes they become embarrassed and filled with doubt. It doesn't always make logical left brain sense and sometimes we never understand exactly what it is we pick up or why. When we first encounter a new phenomena, we often doubt our's so different, so far outside of the realm of our day to day experience that what we're not sure that what we perceived was real.

The skeptics of the world often poo-poo the right brain input because it's illogical, not easily repeatable and not under their scientific control. It often is outside of their own realm of personal experience and I constantly hear that if it's hasn't been experienced by them personally, well then......

But are unusual first time perceptions invalid because they are different, unique or not repeatable and happen just to you and you alone? Let me give you an be the judge.

Pretend you are out in the woods and you hear a lovely little bird song that is so different and so distinct that you stop, cock your head to one side, and immediately begin scanning the area around you trying to locate the source of the melody. You stand in that same spot, hoping to have the call repeated, but alas, the bird has flitted off to parts unknown and the call is not to be heard again. You never visually spot the source and you hear it only once, but it absolutely caught your attention. It was so clear that you yourself could whistle the little unique tune even years later.

Did you really hear the bird? You didn't see it! It happened only once. Did it really exist?

You're pretty sure that you heard what you heard. Your sense of hearing accurately picked up the bird's lilting call. But BECAUSE IT WASN'T SEEN WITH THE EYES, many people discount the accuracy of their other senses.

If you relayed this story to a skeptic, would they be inclined to believe you? Well, the subject is a simple little bird and the average skeptic could probably accept that you just plain don't recognize all the bird calls that are in existence and/or that it's entirely possible the foliage of the forest obscured your ability to spot the bird. Chances are the skeptic would shrug and not think much of it.

But what if you were in the woods and heard a female voice clearly say your full name out loud, but you couldn't see the speaker with your eyes. You scan the area, and no one is there. You hear it only once and, like the little bird, the source seemed to vanish. The voice was so distinct, so clear that you could pick the speaker out of a crowd, even years later.

What then? Would you believe what you heard? Would the skeptic? You have no proof! You have only your personal experience.

It's a paranormal disembodied voice for goodness sake....your left logical brain begins to reel, to question your senses. After all you didn't see anything! It makes no logical sense! Even if you tried going back to the same spot in the forest day after day, you may never hear that particular bird call (or voice) again.

You decide to keep the experience to yourself...who would believe you anyway!? They would probably think you were a little wacko and had a bit of a weirdo. Only nut jobs talk about hearing things like this or admitting they have these kinds of things happen to them, right?

Even if they don't talk about it, for many people this first time metaphysical experience prompts all kinds questions. Who or what was the voice? Why did they hear it? Why that day, that place, that time? What does it mean? Why won't it come back? Why didn't the source allow you to see it? Was it an angel, a relative, a ghost, something from another dimension?

Sometimes we are left with questions that have no answers.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Down time

Well, the cold and flu virus hit really hard yesterday afternoon into early evening, so I decided to get really proactive with it and fight back. Here's how this medical intuitive boosts her own immune system when she gets sick and what traditionally has worked to get me better faster. My own personal formula just for me when I get hit with something is this:

Vitamin C - I take a 500 mg time release capsule about every 3-4 hours.
Olive Leaf Extract as directed on the bottle
L-Lysine as directed on the bottle
Multi-vitamin with iron and minerals
Zinc lozenges if I have them...I will suck on one every 4 hours or so making sure I don't get more than 100 mg in any one day from all my sources.

Depending on how tight my chest has gotten, I often will drink some kind of breathe easier tea blend that I find at my local grocery or health food store. I sometimes alternate that with a green tea for the antioxidants.

I also spend all day with a silk scarf wrapped around my throat to keep it warmer and hopefully out of a bacteria's comfort zone temperature wise. I also keep sipping on various hot beverages throughout the day for that same reason. This usually amounts to lots of broth, tea, and hot water. I make the broth myself and use lots of onions and garlic as they tend to be good immune system boosters and as stuffed up as I am, it's something I can actually taste.

When my sinuses are plugged, I start the day with a really hot bath or shower and make sure I breath in lots of steam. It's not unusual to head into the bathroom and continue 20 minute steam treatments standing in the shower every three or four hours. Also, if I have a bottle of sterile saline (Ocean or Ayr) around, I'll clean out my sinuses several times a day to help make breathing easier.

For me, I like the good tissue with lotion in it because when I get sick I tend to drip, blow and sneeze more than most folks. It's part of spending a few more pennies to pamper myself when the crud hit's me. I rest a LOT. I honestly try to only do the few things I really need to and spend lots of time on the couch sitting upright to help with the drainage.

So, here I sit and type....scarf around my throat, silk robe still on from this morning, pajamas and hand knit wool socks on, slippers at my feet and a nice warm blanket tucked up as high as it will go. As I wipe yet another drip from my nose, I think I'll head into the kitchen soon for another cup of broth.

I plan on being better by Monday and better yet by Tuesday....that's my proactive take charge of my own health kind of thinking.

I think I might head to bed early this evening as well.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Psychic training

I recently was interviewed by a reporter from Parade Magazine. She asked me about my day-to-day life as a professional psychic and medical intuitive. It's always interesting to me about what folks are curious about. She wanted to know if a person could take psychokinesis training classes, or telekinesis training. I told her that there are several seminars or paranormal classes available across the country, where people could increase their psychic skills. The Internet and Google tend to be your best friends in this type of a search. Type in what you're looking for, and start surfing the Web!

When it comes to energy projection or abilities with telekinesis, I've never met anyone quite like my friend Andre, who passed through my life three years ago. I've chronicled my experiences with the amazing abilities of this spiritual guru on my website.

I've also been fielding a lot of questions about the economy lately. My advice? Hold on.. we're going for a ride. I see a continued decrease or deflation in the real estate sector, which will end up with higher foreclosure rates. The chickens from the sub-prime mortgage loans are coming home to roost.