Saturday, November 25, 2006

Non-Standard Psychic Divination Techniques

Oreomancy: Tasty Fortunetelling

Sometime, just for fun, I step away from the traditional serious professional psychic and medical intuitive work and teach something that touches on metaphysical history as well as letting my students have fun. Several years ago, I was holding a workshop to a group of gals on traditional tea leaf reading. it was then that I also introduced them to other fun food divination tools. While I taught this manner of fortune telling or psychic divination tongue in cheek (or perhaps cookie in cheek) it was extremely gratifying to find that using Oreo cookies as a useful and accurate divinatory tool really worked.

Oreomancy is quite simple. Hand a cookie to the Questioner and have them hold it between their palms, focusing on the issue. After a moment or two, they twist the Oreo quickly clockwise to separate the top part of the cookie from the bottom. Beginning with the cookie in Questioner's left hand, the Oreomancer takes this chocolate wafer and reads first the past and or present. The cookie in the right hand of the Questioner pertains to the future.

Easy interpretation tip...just remember, the Oreo "Stuff in the Middle" is the stuff of life! To help you get started with the details, here are some classic Oreomancy interpretations after the twist has been completed:

All the Stuff is on the left cookie -- You're at a point in your life where you're leaving a great deal of stuff behind and starting with a clean slate (cookie) for your future.

All the Stuff is on the right cookie -- You have a lot of stuff to look forward to! There is a full future ahead, with lots of yummy abundance.

S shaped Stuff line -- Super Stuff! You have super things in your past or future (depending on left or right wafer.)

Ripped or jagged stuff line -- Take care of your stuff better! Your pushing and tearing things, going to fast in life and need to slow down and treat you and your stuff with more TLC.

Stuff dripping over the cookie's edge -- the stuff of life is spilling out all over. Time to declutter and get everything back where it belongs.

Smooshed and flattened Stuff -- You're forcing life too hard and trying to push to much to get things to fit life the way you want. Take is easy with your stuff! Be more gentle with how you treat the stuff of life!

Stuff flew out and landed on the ground -- Things are falling between the cracks and you aren't revering life or treating your stuff as precious. Warning, this can lead to you and your stuff of life getting seriously stepped on.

Stuff forms the profile of a face -- You have someone leaving or coming in to your life (depending on whether the face is on the past/present or the future wafer.)

I think you get the idea. Next time you enjoy a package or Oreo cookies, don't forget to try a little Oreomancy and savor the Stuff of Life!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Remembering Dreams and Dream Programming

I've been asked several times lately on how to remember dreams better and what dream programming is. To help everyone, I thought I would copy some of my class notes onto my blog so folks can work on remembering and guiding their dreams at home.

It's important to place your dream journal right next to your bed with the page you want to write on open and the pen ready. You need to be able to reach this and write in it during the night without having to get up or turn the light on.

To train yourself to remember your dreams better takes several nights (this can be more than a week) of telling yourself affirmations before you go to bed. These affirmations would be statements like: "I'm going to clearly remember my dreams. Remembering my dreams is important to me. I will awake at the end of the dream long enough to remember and write down my dream. I will fall back into a deep sleep easily afterwards."

In a nutshell, dream programming is purposefully posing a question to be answered in your dreams or asking to dream about a particular subject.

One hour before you go to sleep, relax your body physically. Take a hot bath, practice stretching or gentle yoga, get a massage, have anything that will satisfy your physical senses.

Next, climb into bed and review the day's events slowly in sequence. Do this as impersonally as a reporter watching your day unfold and describing it in an emotionally neutral tone. The sequence is important.

Determine what area you want to direct your subconscious attention to or what question you need the answer to while sleeping. Then, lights out. Keep the issue in your head as along as you can without expending too much energy. Other thoughts will intrude. Allow them to float gently aside. Keep your mind on your objective without hanging on to it too tightly or becoming rigid. You may want to mumble or say aloud what you want to dream about just before you drift off.

Programming brings about varied results. Sometimes the solution to your problems will appear the very night you request help. Other times it may take a few days and nights. Sometimes you will remember the whole dream and sometimes just the solution.

Practice, practice, practice! It takes a little while to get the hang of this, but the benefits are enormous!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Filming Psychic Detectives Show for Court TV

Wow, what a week it's been! I've spent the last six days filming with a wonderful four person crew that flew to Iowa from New York City to shoot an episode of the Psychic Detectives show with me for Court TV.

The good folks from Superfine Films who produce the show contacted me last year about a missing person case that I worked on a decade ago and we've spent the past week recreating it for television.

While I've done a little work in front of the camera before, this is my first time having a TV show based solely on one of my psychic investigations. This particular case involved a gentleman from Des Moines who turned up missing in 1997. His spouse called me several days after he disappeared and the search was on to find him asap because of a medical condition he had.

It was really fascinating to see how everything was set up and shot. The NYC crew had never been to the Midwest and was amazed at the good old fashioned Iowa hospitality and generosity. While it was a cold, wet, blustery October week shooting outdoors in fields and woods, the way this group gelled together was really fun to be a part of. The original deputy sheriff that I worked with on the case in 1997 (Bill B.) was kind enough to move his work schedule around to film with us much of the week. Everyone I contacted was so helpful! Special thanks to my wonderful webmaster (Matt) for the use of his home but more importantly for helping to keep me sane and grounded during this crazy but fun week!

The Psychic Detectives episode will air sometime in December. I'll keep you posted as to exactly when.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Improving Your Psychic Skills

A couple of gals came over to visit last night to chat about how to develop their psychic skills. I sat down with them and went over the main points of how to begin. Here's the quick summary:

1) Practice dropping into a meditative or trance state for 20 minutes every day.
Try a variety of different methods to find the one that works best for you.
2) Keep a psychic journal of your waking and dreaming psychic moments.
3) Make the place you do your intuitive or psychic work as clean and clutter free as possible.
If need be, remove things from the area to make it "Buddhist spartan."
Turn off as many electrical devices as possible to reduce the artificial vibration and make the room quiet.
4) Practice daily reaching out for answers to questions you pose and allowing your intuition to provide you with the response.
5) The Universe will most likely connect with you strongest in the same manner as which you learned best in school....visually, auditorily, kinesthetically, or spatially.
If you learned best by seeing, you will probably most easily perceive psi input as pictures or images.
If you are an auditory learner, you will mostly likely hear your answers, etc.
6) Try out all the different sorts of psychic tools, from i-ching to rune stones to tarot cards to see if any of these work well for you. Practice using them as a leaping off place to explore your own intuitive connections.
7) Increase your awareness of synchronous events as this is often a way that the Universe communicates important information to you.
8) Be aware that as you open up to the Universe with your multi-sensory awareness, you will naturally perceive "positive" as well as the "negative" information and both ends of the Spiritual spectrum as well. For this reason, I highly recommend for the beginning psychic student to
remove things from your life, home and work place that are extremely negative (horror movies, scary books, etc.)
9) Remember, when receiving psychic impressions, take the first response you get and don't edit it or add your own personal issues to it.
Try to describe the response or input with as much detail and as matter of factly as possible without adding to it or removing anything from it.
10) Work on your skills when you aren't angry, or afraid or having huge stress issues about things.
Don't try pulling information from the Universe about you or your family or close loved ones...know you already have a history and bias about them that does and will skew your perceptions.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Practicing Psychic Skills (while fishing)

I'm always encouraging my students and clients to practice their psychic skills on a daily basis. If you can put yourself into a situation where you reach out with your intuition, get information, and then get immediate confirmation (or denial) that what you psychically perceive is accurate, you can improve upon the skill level you already have.

I discovered a new method of practice yesterday while I was fishing. As usual, I took two poles down to my favorite catfish hole, baited up, cast out, and set them on their makeshift stands to wait. Maybe it was the full moon effect, but I started to realize that I could look at the poles and know which one was going to have a nibble next. Then I began to realize that I was getting the signal to pick up the pole just prior to the fish striking the bait.

How is that possible? Is the fish sending a telepathic signal? Am I remote viewing seconds into the future to see which line has movement. Heck, beats me. I just noticed the fact yesterday and am still in the experimental stage with it, but with the number of nibbles I had versus catfish I caught yesterday, I'm not going to argue with what works!

Oh, for those of you who are curious, the bait was chicken livers and the largest catfish measured two and a half feet long.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Full Moon Effects

Yesterday was officially the full moon, and boy could I tell!

The emotions of everyone I came in contact with were riding higher than normal. Tears flowed from just about everyone I spoek with or met yesterday, either in person or on the phone.

The emergency rooms (all of them locally) were packed to the gills! I think I saw 5 ambulances in a space of four hours where I normally might only see 3 in an entire month on average.

When I was driving, everyone seemed in more of a hurry than normal and the chances I saw drivers taking...well, as one of my friends so eloquently put it, "You can tell they've never been in an accident."

On a psychic level, I had several people I called to touch base with tell me, "I was just about to call you, you've been on my mind all day." As I sat in conversation with friends at dinner, the telepathic rapport was zinging back and forth on a regular basis. We were laughing at how much we finished each other's sentences and had the same flashes at the same time.

Why do full moons heighten our senses this way? I was musing about that over coffee this morning. Perhaps it's because early human beings as a species had to use more than their five senses to survive those full moon nights when more animals were out and on the prowl. Perhaps we as hunter/gatherers became more successful obtaining food on nights when the moon was full, and those with more honed sensory perception passed their traits onto subsequent generations. Perhaps it has to do with a change in the gravitational pull of the moon on the earth and that subtle tug prompts our bodies into higher states of awareness.

I don't know if I have the answers, but I can tell from my own personal observations that there is certainly an increase in our own reception, both five sensory and multi-sensory the day before, the day of and the day after the full moon.

It's a good time to have a really strong focus on staying safe, keeping a balanced emotional keel, and paying attention to what your multi-sensory awareness is telling you.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Quiet contemplation and psychic connection

I spent yesterday afternoon at my favorite fishing hole, enjoying the later summer day and mused at how much getting out away from phones and electricity helps psychic reception. Watching the water, the local beaver swimming contentedly in the middle of the lake, listening to the breeze rustle through the trees, it all took me to a deeper, calmer place.

I think our bodies entrain automatically in some significant way to whatever environment we put them in. If we are constantly dealing with the noise of phones and the frequency of fluorescent lights, that "artificial buzz" is what our bodies try to match and beat or flow with. But if we are out in nature, as man and woman were for thousands of years before we created this world of artificial vibration, then our bodies entrain, listen to and try to match the natural world.

I believe it's this natural world that has built in lines of communication that go beyond the normally thought of five senses. After I spend a day out in nature, I find that even the drive home can be filled with more multi-sensory images and awareness than I would get from a "normal day in the office."

Maybe the more I get more "in-tune" with the Universe, the better I'm able to "tune in."

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Connecting with my Medicine Man

I spoke with Lester and Mindy today, wishing them both a happy Labor Day weekend. Lester is my Lakota Medicine Man and Mindy is his half side. Over the past year, the three of us have become very good friends and I've been to more sweat lodges than I can count.

Lester is what I call "the real deal" as far as traditional Shaman go. Being Medicine Man is his full time work. He and Mindy both open their home to people far and wide who need help and healing. I've got to say, Spiritually this is one very connected individual! Lester truly understands how unconditional love heals and the clarity with which he receives information from Spirit is amazing.

In his healing of others, Lester's philosophy is simple. If you heal an individual's spirit and their emotions, the physcial body takes care of itself. Love and connection to Spirit are the real key.

Earlier this week, Mindy and I got together and cut out the fabric for a traditional ribbon shirt for Lester that she wants to make up. We had an evening of fun and figuring out the pattern. I can't wait to see it finished. We decided that more sewing together is definately in order.

I've learned a lot from working with and being friends with both of these marvelous people, and have received a great deal of healing myself. I'll be doing four sweat lodges in a row at the end of September. Looking forward to it!

What is a Medical Intuitive?

Many times, clients will ask me what exactly is a medical intuitive. First of all, I let them know that a medical intuitive is not a doctor or nurse. I'm not an MD and cannot provide a diagnosis nor can I prescribe for them. That said, what I can do is give them a detailed psychic look at what I see as going on in their body, provide them with the information precisely the way my Sources give it to me and send them back to their own choice of health care practitioner.

Because my educational background is in the life sciences and medicine, when I take a peek inside the human body, the information comes to me in very detailed layers. I guess a good description would be that I'm kind of like a walking, talking CT scan. Muscles, bones, blood vessels, body chemistry all speak to me, but so do things on the microscropic or cellular level. Overlay on top of that a connection between which body systems are going wrong and add in a dose of understanding of the emotions behind the dis-ease and you have a better sense of what my everyday psychic work is like.

I took a big hint from the readings of Edgar Cayce in how I gather medical intuitive information about a specific person. When someone calls me, I ask their full name, birthdate and the city and state where they reside. I'm not asking because I'm doing astrology on the individual...I gather this information because I want to get details about the right person. Let's see if I can explain. If you were to ask me to look at Tom Smith, there are thousands and thousands of Tom's. If you ask me to look at Tom Smith in Chicago, Illinois, there may still be dozens. But if you ask me to look at Thomas Jackson Smith who was born on March 25, 1959 who resides in Chicago, Illinois...then there is just one and only one man who fits all those parameters.

I start with my sketch pad and put the person's info near the top of the page. Then I open up clairvoyantly and ask the Universe for any and all medical information available. I take a good pen and beginning at the head, slowly draw an outline of the body. As the sketch forms, I'm shown where the energy is something other than "normal." Sometimes old injuries pop out, sometimes upcoming ones do. Often times my psychic Sources tell me whole phrases about what's going wrong as well as what the body needs to correct the problem. After I've outlined the entire person, I slowly scan back and forth over top of the sketch seeking more details. Often, by the time I'm done, the entire page is filled with information and then some.

Because I know a great deal about alternative medicine, I'm comfortable working with folks who prefer accupuncturists, chiropractors, herbalists, nutritionists, homeopathists and those who lean toward Ayurvedic medicine. I also have a knack for helping to explain in lay persons terms what traditional Western medical doctors are doing, why they precribe certain medicines and what traditional test results mean. My goal is to help my clients understand their own bodies better. The more educated you are about your own health, the better you can make choices as to how to get healthy again.

How this intuitive process works, I have to confess I'm not entirely sure. All I know is that the accuracy seems to be quite high and the clairvoyant details very specific. When I'm done with the sketch, I simply provide this information to my clients exactly the way it has been presented to me. Again, I won't tell them what to do with it, nor prescribe anything but will encourage them to continue to work with their own health care practitioner.