Monday, November 10, 2008

Scorpio and Taurus this week!

Another full moon is coming up this week, and this one often puts people on a particularly powerful emotional edge. For those of you who don't speak astrologese, let me see if I can put it into lay terms.

We are in Scorpio time (about October 22 to November 21st) which can be one of the most emotionally intense signs of the entire zodiac. During the four weeks that the Sun is in Scorpio, passions can and often do peak. Some of the more difficult sides or aspects of these potent feelings might include: jealousy, digging up hidden information, secret investigation, burning sexuality, zealousness, suspiciousness. I've seen all of these areas get turned up or turned on during this time of the year.

The full moon this month is in the sign of Taurus. It is officially full at 12:17 am central standard time on November 13th. Taurus often is thought of as the sign of the stubborn or bull headed individual. Taurus is also about home, family, stability and sensuality. When taken to an extreme, the desire for the delight of the senses can also cross over into addictions.

Full moons act as a's like suddenly adding gasoline to an already burning fire. The day before a full moon, the day of, and the day after, expect things to emotionally intensify in the areas that connect with the combination of the Sun and the Moon's energies.

So, to break it all down, what can you expect? What does this all mean? It's a good news, bad news sort of story.

The bad news first...this Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus combination can have a painful side. Beginning the 12th, peaking the 13th, winding up on the 14th, look for a greater amount of conflict concerning sexuality and suspicion regarding relationships that relate to the home. I would also expect more difficulties with addictive behaviors, jealousy within the family, accusations and snooping for information. Desire for sex and for increased sensual delight will also play an part in all of this.

Can this result in couples dealing with suspicions and jealousy? Yes. I would also expect siblings to show more intense emotions of jealousy toward one another this week. It may also affect employer/employee relationships (worry about job, suspicion, feelings of being watched more closely) because ultimately the paycheck affects home and family.

Would I expect more drunk driving arrests this month? You betcha because of the tendency of Taurus toward addictions. Addictions don't have to be just alcohol (or drugs.) Would I expect more chocolate to be consumed in secrecy this week...yes! Expect any and all leftover Halloween candy or chocolate in the house to be totally gone by Friday.

Could this be a time when any type of ongoing investigation turns up something important...absolutely. It might be because folks dig a little deeper and seek and little harder. It could also be because of someones sudden (and more careless) desire to hide things at the last minute without planning or forethought that result in discovery.

While the above sounds pretty negative, there is an upside to Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus!

The GOOD news...the full moon this month can be a time for the most exquisite combination of sensual and sexual energy, especially when it's combined specifically to create some incredibly memorable intimacy . If you are looking for a day (or days) to put a little more "ooooo!" into your "ooo-la-la!" sort of boudoir fun, focus your plans for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week (and have a good time!)