Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Missing Person Cases

How do I as a psychic investigator, start to work on a case involving a missing person? Honestly, I approach it from several different angles simultaneously. I'm involved in a case here in Iowa currently and can walk you step by step through the process as it evolves.

1) I am called in on the case...usually by the family, close friends, or law enforcement involved. I always acquire the name of the investigative agency the family is working with and either let them know myself that the family has called me in on the case, or the family informs the agency. Note: If a perpetrator is still at large, if providing information to the family would potentially put any of them in harms way, I funnel ALL information I gather directly to the investigative agency and not to the family itself.

2) I take the missing person's name(s), their birth dates, and the city and state where they live. I also ask for a recent photograph. If the clothing they were last seen in is available, I take down those details as well.

3) I ask for the last date, place and time where someone new exactly where the missing person was last seen. If a vehicle is involved, I take a description of that (make, model, year, color.)

4) Holding the above information loosely, either at my home or on site, I go back in time to the last known location and psychically begin asking for information. I pay attention to detailed phrases that enter my head, compass directions, sense of distance from the starting point, and any other clues that may come while sitting still. I usually get an immediate sense of whether the person is alive or deceased.

5) Establishing the path or route - In cases where I am able to be on site, I will lock onto the missing individual. If they are deceased, they often provide me with clues as I drive from their last known location. If not, I utilize Google maps, satellite images and street views to assist me as I dowse the route.

6) Often times, if the missing individual was taken by car, or drove themselves somewhere, I will psychically put myself in the back seat of the car and look for distinctive landscape features, signs, markers, or buildings....anything that is more than just numbers of roads or highways. Remember, psychic information comes in the right brain, so shapes, colors, turns, even sometimes compass directions and estimated distance are all much easier to pick up than the number of a house or highway.

7) I keep a notebook beside me as I psychically travel the route and note any details, clues or phrases that spontaneously arise or come from the missing person. I do not edit anything because most of the time it's the strangest, weirdest phrases that turn out to be the most accurate. If it feels like the missing person is actually speaking their own words, I put quotes around the phrase and note the date and time. I also write down the exact route that I took so it can easily be retraced later.

8) I pay very close attention to what I call the "too far" feeling. For me, it feels as if I've hit a wall of thickened Jello and have to turn around and go back to the place where I feel like I'm in the right zone or area. It's not unlike the childhood game Warmer/Colder because there is a distinct feeling that comes with psychically catching a positive scent. If I have narrowed the search down to a specific area, let's say a large woods, I will circle the area first looking for warmer spots or anything distinctive that calls to me. If you tell searchers the missing person is "by a tree" that's not going to help a bit. If you instead say, "look 30 feet back from the pull in on the north side of the woods, you'll see coiled up wire or barbed wire to your right....ignore that but go left from there and watch the ground carefully for a black slip on shoe at the edge where the gravel meets the grass,"....you can see where these specifics can help searchers know they've hit the right area.

9) I still utilize plain old investigative 101 logic in conjunction with my searching. If a person went missing in the middle of the night, or if a murder is suspected and a gun was utilized, you have different search parameters than in daylight. If I can, I check out the weather from the local airport data at the time of the disappearance.

10) When I'm working a case, I will often spend several minutes before bed time each night asking for any help that can be had from individual's in the spirit realm. I specifically ask for the missing person to show me in my dreams any and all helpful detailed information.

I may add more to this blog as I work on this case and details of how I work a psychic investigation come to me.