Monday, August 31, 2009

Cell Phones and Honey Bees

Few people know a lot about my personal background (which is wide and varied to say the least) but once upon a time, I used to keep bees. I enjoyed very much learning to care for the hives, harvest honey and bees wax and enjoyed the connection with these amazing little wonders of nature.

I ran across an article about bees that gave me a big psychic "uh-oh!" instantly this morning. Sometimes that happens when I scan headlines and check out little bits of news from around the world. This one happened to come from Korea, but the problem is a universal concerning the huge boom of cell phone tower building.

It had to do with the work of an environmentalist, Dr. Sainudeen Pattazhy and his study of bees and beehives. Basically, the report says that mobile phone towers are posing a threat to the honey bee population with the electromagnetic radiation they utilize. The threat is to worker bees who go out to collect nectar from flowers near the towers. Pattazhy noticed that the honey bee population and pollination in areas around the towers was being affected. This puzzled him and he went on to do further research. He placed a cell phone near a beehive (turned on but not in active use.) The entire colony collapsed within 5-10 days because the worker bees failed to return to their home, leaving only the queens, eggs and hive bound immature bees to fend for themselves and thus starve.

While many studies have been done on the language of the "dance of bees" in instructing them how to get from hive to flowers, I don't know if we as human beings totally understand the nature of what guides bees back to their hives. Something here bears quick investigation. With no bees, we have to crops that are pollinated by them. Less pollination ultimately means less food with which to feed everyone.

Does this mean that if you have your cell phone on your person you'll be less bothered by bees? Hmmm, dunno the answer to that one, but it also seems to be worth someones study.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Psychic Sensing of Upcoming Changes

Every once and a while, when you're ready to make a big change in your life, turn a new corner so to speak, it's nice to do something on the outside that helps mirror or remind you of what you are changing on the inside.

This year, with very little fanfare, I turned 50. I had originally wanted to have a BIG party, but instead just gathered with my kids for dinner and had a bit of cake with other friends who had May birthdays.

But, more than just hitting the five decade mark, I have known and felt on the wind other internal changes coming, emotionally, creatively, physically and psychically. Something was building up and about ready to break the surface. I wasn't sure exactly what, but I knew something was about to shift.

In anticipation of this nameless, shapeless, approaching apparition of personal change, in mid July, I looked in the mirror and realized it was time to radically change my outward self to start the process of getting ready for the inner upcoming event(s).

So, after growing out my hair past my shoulders, (the wonderful long deep red stuff with the wild blond streak) I looked at the emerging gray and made a command decision. It was time to cut the red all off and let the silver feathers strut their stuff.

I went to see one of my long time trusted stylists, told her what I was looking for and let her cut it really short (and cute!) When she was done, just a smidge of the old red tipped some of the top while the silver and grey shone elsewhere. I took one look in the mirror and realized I was the spitting image of my aunt Irlavere from Ontario, Canada. I haven't found anyone to take a photo yet of the new do, but will asap.

That was the beginning. Since then, I've been to the doctor, begun taking my vitamins in earnest again, made a promise to myself to consume a LOT more water, and am determined to lose 45 pounds before the end of the year, picking up more exercise a little each day.

Now, that's the physical part....the psychic part that's sense is that comes after the physical is half way done or so. I'm not sure what's going to show up, but we'll find out soon enough. Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Remote Viewing Music

A friend of mine called yesterday and when I asked what he was up to, he replied he was on his way to the bookstore to try to find some kind of music suitable for remote viewing to. He asked if I had any suggestions, and my first response was to tell him to find something that didn't have words, and that helped drop him into an alpha state quickly. After I got off the phone with him, I had to stop and think about what I do when I remote view and what sounds or music drops me down into that state.

After pondering a bit, my first reaction was to say....well, listening to nature does that for me. That's why I go fishing in the evenings. I get a chance to have Mom Nature dim the lights, I watch the reflection of the sky in the lake's mirror surface, and I listen to the repetitive sounds of cicadas, crickets, and bull frogs.

What...what else has worked really well for me in the past to put me into that deeply receptive alpha state. The best cd's I've found come from I met Kelly Howell, the founder of Brain Sync on a cruise back in the mid 90s and was very, very impressed with her research and how quickly and effectively her hemisphonic recordings put me into a deep alpha/theta state. In particular I recommend one called Deep Meditation and another named Deep Insight.

So, if you're looking for music to do excellent psychic work and remote viewing by (and you don't have a beautiful warm summer's evening handy to sit by the lake and give ear to the bull frogs) check out Great products that really work well, at very reasonable prices.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Performing at upcoming Farmstasia

October 31st, my palmist friend, Corianne Westvold and I will be heading to the Des Moines area to entertain everyone at Living History Farm's Farmstasia fundraising event. From 6 to 9 pm, we will set up shop inside the old brick Flynn Mansion and help make it a night of fun and spooky merrymaking as we raise money to help support Living History Farms.

I love doing psychic work at events like this and can't wait to meet everyone and see the farms decked out for Halloween. I'm hoping they set us up in a real old fashioned parlor to work in! What a treat!

Now, to think of a good psychic "period" costume! What would they have worn at the turn of the century into the classic 1890 seance parlors? Something long and black I think. Hmmmm!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Swine Flu Vacinations linked to Nerve Disease

As a psychic and medical intuitive, honestly, I'd been waiting for the scary news about severe and life threatening reactions to the swine flu vaccine to pop up for about 2 weeks.

When I read this week that the Health Protection Agency in the United Kingdom alerted over 600 neurologists there about a deadly reaction to the swine flu vaccine, I was not surprised! The HPA warned neurologists that a disease called Guillian-Barre Syndrome (GBS) seemed to be triggered by administration of the injection.

GBS attacks the protective sheath that covers the nerves. It begins with weakness, often in the extremities about three weeks after exposure and spreads, causing paralysis and inability to breathe, and can be fatal.

Just a couple of weeks prior, our own public health system was encouraging parents to have all infants and children get the swine flu vaccination! As a medical intuitive, I had an immediate negative reaction to that recommendation, and my body instantly shuddered in fear as I read. I recall scanning the article over my morning coffee. Suddenly I put the cup down on my desk with a thunk, and vehemently said out loud, "No...NO!" I remember thinking that the vaccine could and would have terrible consequences for infants and small children and affect many for the rest of their lives. It was so pronounced a premonition that I copied and pasted the article to my daughter who has an 8 month old and encouraged her to NOT get the shot for my grandbaby.

For those who are do not know, the signs and symptoms of Guillain-Barre syndrome may include:

* Prickling, "pins and needles" sensations in your fingers, toes or both
* Weakness or tingling sensations in your legs that spread to your upper body
* Unsteady walking or inability to walk
* Difficulty with eye movement, facial movement, speaking, chewing or swallowing
* Severe pain in your lower back
* Difficulty with bladder control or intestinal functions
* Very slow heart rate or low blood pressure
* Difficulty breathing

Most people with Guillain-Barre syndrome experience their most significant weakness within three weeks after symptoms begin. In some cases, signs and symptoms may progress very rapidly with complete paralysis of legs, arms and breathing muscles over the course of a few hours.

Can you imagine being the mother or father of an infant and seeing these symptoms develop in your infant or small child, who can't tell you what's going on?! The thought would terrify any parent!

I'm not a physician. I can't tell you to get the vaccination or not get it...but I DO want folks to do their reading and research before hand so that they know exactly what they are getting into!

What I am saying is that this particular psychic has a very bad feeling about the swine flu vaccine, and the worse is yet to come.