Sunday, October 22, 2006

Filming Psychic Detectives Show for Court TV

Wow, what a week it's been! I've spent the last six days filming with a wonderful four person crew that flew to Iowa from New York City to shoot an episode of the Psychic Detectives show with me for Court TV.

The good folks from Superfine Films who produce the show contacted me last year about a missing person case that I worked on a decade ago and we've spent the past week recreating it for television.

While I've done a little work in front of the camera before, this is my first time having a TV show based solely on one of my psychic investigations. This particular case involved a gentleman from Des Moines who turned up missing in 1997. His spouse called me several days after he disappeared and the search was on to find him asap because of a medical condition he had.

It was really fascinating to see how everything was set up and shot. The NYC crew had never been to the Midwest and was amazed at the good old fashioned Iowa hospitality and generosity. While it was a cold, wet, blustery October week shooting outdoors in fields and woods, the way this group gelled together was really fun to be a part of. The original deputy sheriff that I worked with on the case in 1997 (Bill B.) was kind enough to move his work schedule around to film with us much of the week. Everyone I contacted was so helpful! Special thanks to my wonderful webmaster (Matt) for the use of his home but more importantly for helping to keep me sane and grounded during this crazy but fun week!

The Psychic Detectives episode will air sometime in December. I'll keep you posted as to exactly when.