Friday, September 24, 2010

The Bubble

About 15 years ago, a gal who worked as a grounds keeper at the Woodward State Hospital in Woodward, Iowa came to me with an unusual story. It was a cloudy, overcast breezy October day in the mid 1990s and she was enjoying one of the last fall mowings of the year. Just about the end of her shift, between 3 and 4 pm she noticed something odd. What appeared to be a giant soap bubble was floating on the breeze toward her location. This bubble she described as "like the one Glenda the Good Witch came in" in the famous Wizard of Oz movie. It was larger than a basketball, but not as big as a medicine ball.

My client was curious and mildly amused, and then suddenly startled when the bubble stopped 30-40 feet in front of her tractor. She stopped the mower, but didn't shut it off and thus couldn't tell me if the bubble made any kind of noise. It hovered there, defying the breeze for 3-4 minutes somewhere between 8 and 10 feet off the ground. Then, to her amazement, it slowly floated back the way it came, moving against the wind!

I mention this now, only because on September 1, 2010, a woman in China observed what sounds like the identical phenomena! Until today, I had never heard a story even close to anything like the one my client had described and was delighted this one came with a picture.

The photo below comes from an article posted by MUFON. The story they printed was brief...ENJOY!

Hong Kong Plasma

SHA TIN-- I was outside hanging up the washing on my balcony on September 1, 2010. As I looked towards the trees, I noticed a spherical object hovering in front of the trees. It was pulsing in brightness. The object seemed to go from transparent to solid. It was very bright with no sound. It did not seem to move. It stayed in one spot, the pulsing got faster and then the object disappeared. The object was about the size of a large inflatable beach ball. I observed it for about five minutes.

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