Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's been a wonderful first weekend of Spring here in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area.  I've been spending glorious time sitting outside in the warm sun, listening to the birds and gazing at the peach tree in early full bloom. 

On March 20th we lit a small fire and drummed in the first minutes of Spring.  Thank Tunkasila the Winter of 2013-14 is officially over.  It was a difficult one for many.

Yesterday, White Otter and I traveled north an hour to Santa Fe and met with other like minded folks to participate in the World Water Day ceremony.  Frenchie's Barn Park in Santa Fe boasts both a labyrinth as well as a water wheel site constructed with natural and white stones.  The design was very similar to the waterwheel image below. 
I was reminded that water is everything to the life on our little blue marble.  So, next time you pass a river, a stream, a lake or a pond, bless the water....REALLY bless it. Bless your drinking water, put good thoughts and energy into that which you cook with, bath in, launder with and consume in any fashion.  Pure water is a precious commodity and we here in the United States take for granted.  It's time to become more conscious my friends....time to become much more conscious.

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